Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Part Deux

So we have finally returned from our Christmases in the south. We left for Georgia on Tuesday, the 22nd. Will and I went to the pediatrician's bright and early that morning after the nurse decided they'd better actually see him instead of just calling him something in. I was glad I decided to take him in because he ended up being diagnosed with his first ear infection and a sinus infection. He started his first antibiotic (something that starts with a z?--not a penicillin just in case he takes after Mommy in his drug allergies). We left about 5:45, after Grandma & Grandpa Weaver, Jana, Brad, Jimmie, Rachel, & Ella all arrived. They rode in the Excursion, and we followed in the Escape. We had hoped that by leaving at night, the littles would have an easier time of just sleeping in their car seats. Unfortunately, it did not seem to work out that way. We had to stop 3 times on the way out of Oklahoma for various potty-type breaks; it seemed like Will would just finally have fallen asleep when we had to stop. It's hard to coordinate babies and toddlers, it seems! I ended up doing the contortionist nursing of Will while he was still strapped into the carseat, while still wearing my seatbelt. Yah for safety, boo for sore backs!

We finally arrived in Georgia around 1 p.m. The Excursion crew arrived earlier, but Bil and I volunteered to switch out Rachel for Grandma Weaver and take her into Macon to finish some last minute shopping for Great Grandma Smith, so we were a bit later.

Will was pretty much just adorable through all of Christmas, despite being absolutely miserably sick (and cutting his two top teeth--because his oozing, coughing infection just wasn't enough). I told Bil that if Will felt half as bad as I felt when I was at the worst point (because, of course, I came down with the same infection a couple days after he did), then he was an amazingly good natured baby. After the first few months, I am sometimes still amazed/afraid of jinxing the good tempered little guy Will seems to have grown into.

Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Smith both really enjoyed meeting Will and were so proud to show him off. He enjoyed being held by both of them. They both wear glasses, so I'm sure that helped! Will also enjoyed playing with Grandpa's oxygen tubing. He wanted to chew on it so bad, but for some reason Grandpa thought that would be a bad idea!

In addition to meeting his great-grandparents, Will also got to spend a day with Aunt Marie & Uncle Howard, Alisha, Alan, Katie, and Cousin Ty, who took him down his first slide! He also got to ride in a swing for the first time, which was a big hit (we decided he definitely needs one at home). On Christmas Day, he also met Uncle Buddy & Aunt Kay, Bryan, Vanessa, and Steven. All were duly impressed with his cuteness. He wore his Santa suit, so who could blame them?

Finally, the trip ended with the Thompson family reunion, where Great-Grandma was pleased to win the prize for having the largest number of her descendants present. She had a great time showing off Will, carting him around to compare with the other babies (there were four born in a four-month span). Ella gave chesties to several of the great-great-grandkids, and a good time was had by all.

After supper--the biggest pot of stroganoff ever--Rachel, Will, Bil, and I loaded up and left for Texas. We were on our way to Lucas (suburb of Dallas) where the Younts would be having Christmas at Uncle Tony and Aunt Jill's house.

I have a series of about 20 pictures of the Great-Grands, and this was about the best of the lot. Something was being picked, pointed, or completely obscured in all of them (usually by at least two children).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby's First Christmas

Since we are going to be in Georgia on the 25th and because Rachel wanted her present (iPod Touch!) for the trip to Georgia, we went ahead and had our family Christmas at home on Saturday morning, the 19th.

We all had a really nice time, beginning with pancakes. Rachel was chomping at the bit to open presents, but since Bil wasn't up yet, she got to feed her brother while I cooked breakfast instead. After Bil got up, there was no holding her back, and she played Santa. We went around the family, opening one gift at a time and joked about the fact that it will probably be many more years before we can do that again, since Will will be old enough to understand about opening presents next year and hard to hold back.

Rachel's best present was obviously her Touch; she was sorely disappointed when she opened a Garmin box only to find some socks inside. I really wasn't trying to trick her......I assumed she would figure it was just being used as a box since she knew Bil got the Garmin a couple of weeks ago. I got the Chi flat iron that I asked for (yes, I am finally getting on board the flat iron bandwagon after using Rachel's . . . ), and Rachel has promised to paint my deadly dull office and decorate it for me (yah!). Bil got a robe, South Park Season 7, and, of course, the Garmin he bought himself a few weeks ago. Will got a Busy Ball Choo Choo and a Mozart cube, both of which he has shown mild interest in, and Baby Signing Time DVD, which he hasn't seen yet. Santa brought the family Guitar Hero World Tour and GH5. We spent several hours playing with it on Saturday and Sunday, to the great dismay of Will, he can't quite join in yet, but he has a good time trying to "help" everybody with the various instruments.

Will was quite charming all day; he hit a new (maybe?) milestone, when he displayed the ability to walk quite well behind his push toy. He has never seemed to realize what the toy was for before, just choosing to climb on it rather than walk. Yesterday, though, I saw him accidentally push off with it, and instead of standing still and falling down like he usually does, he actually took off with it. He rammed it pretty immediately into something, so I reaimed it for him, and sure enough, he zoomed off with it, so then we made him perform going up and down the hallway. He does really well until it gets stuck, and then he doesn't know how to fix it. I think he will be walking on his own before too long!

He had some trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and I should have guessed something was up. We had an absolutely terrible night, with lots of actual crying during the night, especially for a long stretch from about 4-6. It was quite unpleasant. When I finally gave up on getting anymore sleep (and when Kona's scratching was getting too desperate too ignore), Will and I got up and transferred to the living room, where I hoped he might be able to breathe better sitting up and maybe we'd be able to get some more sleep. I believe we did doze, but only for about 15 mins. Poor little guy was oozing from every orifice on his face. He has cried and fussed all day long. Once when he was feeling a bit energetic, he crawled over to the new GH guitar and was messing with it. The guitar fell over next to him, and Rachel picked it up and put it out of reach. Will burst into tears and crawled off so slowly and dejectedly. He was so pitiful that I called him over to me so I could maybe get him to sleep. It was the saddest crawl ever, poor little bug!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Better Late Than Never: Thanksgiving

So Grandma and Grandpa Weaver decided to drive out to Georgia for Thanksgiving, stopping along the way to see Jimmie, Rachel, & Ella in Kansas and then in Tennessee to see Alisha. Before that long trip, they came to the city, and we had a pre-Thanksgiving Dinner and shopping trip. Grandma and Jana found Will a "First Thanksgiving" outfit--very cute! Daddy wasn't able to attend the festivities (he still hasn't seen Jana and Brad's new house!) since he was sick with a terrible infection in his jaw, caused by two bad teeth. He was in a lot of pain that finally started getting better after a couple of rounds of heavy duty antibiotics and a tooth removal (he has to go back after the first of the year to get another root canal. Yuck!).

Thankfully, we were all fairly healthy on Thanksgiving, and we spent all day over at Annie's house with all of Daddy's family. Annie cooked a nice lunch, which Will probably liked to have eaten! I made him his own special sweet potato and cheerio "casserole" (pureed and roasted sweet potatoes and milk with cheerios on top). It looked really cute, but unfortunately, Will seemed to think it tasted awful!

Will got to see all of his Yount cousins again, including Hannah and Aaron, whom he met for the first time. He seemed very excited by the whole event and was much better behaved than Mommy feared he might be. The older kids were very sweet to watch out for him while they were playing, and he had a great time crawling around from person to person.

We are very thankful for all of our family!

Monday, November 30, 2009

This One Goes out to Aunt Jana

A Thanksgiving Post to follow soon...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Inevitable

It has finally occurred: Will ate dogfood this morning. While we were on the way to the car, I sat him down in the kitchen floor to run back and get his diapers for daycare. When I came back, he was playing in the dogfood Yossie left behind. I brushed it out of his hands and proceeded on with getting him all buckled in the carseat. After I lowered his handle so he could play with his hangy-zebra, I noticed he had a strange look on his face, very "cat that ate the canary." I stuck an exploratory finger in, and sure enough....kibble. I only found once piece, but he had gummed it pretty good so that it was disintegrating. Gross! The day before when I was dropping him off, I noticed his mouth was a funny color on the inside and drug out a leaf the he'd apparently been chewing for almost 30 minutes. I guess this needs to be a regular part of our routine--the pre-daycare mouth-fishing. That, or I could actually clean up the floor and prevent him from putting nasty stuff in his mouth . . . but what fun would that be?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Before It's Christmas . . .

I have been needing to put up Will's Halloween pictures for a couple of weeks now. He was a dalmatian, a costume that I bought last year after Halloween. As I recall, I got some withering comments from Bil last year when I excitedly showed him my purchase. He was not impressed with my thinking-aheadness. I believe he suggested the money might be better toward actually paying for the baby instead of costuming it . . .

When Halloween time finally rolled around, I was all excited to get out the costume and try it on. Bil wanted to know why I was bothering putting Will in costume when he wasn't old enough to trick or treat. I told him it was just for cuteness' sake. He didn't understand . . . In any case, the costume actually fit (which, it probably wouldn't have if Will hadn't been so undersized.......I obviously didn't understand the baby-clothing sizes before I had to start actually trying to fit a baby in them), and Will looked adorable, of course.

Amazingly, he actually doesn't seem to mind wearing hoods, hats, or his sunglasses. It's pretty surprising considering how busy he is with anything else. I guess it just doesn't bother him to have stuff on his head. All that to say, he looks adorable in his costume because he doesn't mind having the hood with ears up all the time.

Bil was so impressed with his cuteness that he wants to get Will an "itty bitty Santa suit," so we're on the search for one now. After trolling on the internet, Bil saw how many cute costumes there are for babies out there, and I think I may be able to talk him into an even better one for next Halloween!

On Halloween day, Mommy and Daddy were supposed to go to the OU-KSU game, but were unable to go because Daddy was sick with a virus. Since we were home after all, Will visited his Annie (who also visited him at home earlier in the day--she made him an adorable trick-or-treat bag filled with Snickers--which Mommy and Rachel enjoyed--and gave him a stacker toy) at her home on Halloween evening and then Aunt Jana and Uncle Brad at their brand new house. Grandma and Grandpa Weaver were also there, helping Jana and Brad with moving in.

While there, Will waved for the first time--at Brad. Will was sitting in the floor, and I glanced down and noticed him weirdly moving his hand; I looked at where he was staring and saw Brad waving his hand back and forth (instead of a flapping motion). Will seemed to be imitating him, but I was not convinced that it wasn't a coincidence. Later, though, he did it again--at Brad. We think we've gotten him to replicate it a couple of times since then, but he hasn't taken off with it.

Sister Sister

Big Sisters are the bestest.

Even when they poke you in the nose.

We love you, Rachel!!

*Note: Will's surfer-baby outfit is courtesy of Rachel & Annie--so cute!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Once Will figured out how to move forwards while crawling, he immediately set his sights higher. . . .

He is very attracted to the side table by the loveseat. Probably because it is filled with yummy yummy paper goods.

Note the overturned laundry basket in the background.
This is scary stuff, ya'll.
He nears his goal.....
And the baby makes the transformation from quadraped to biped.

Will is a big fan of the knob on the drawer. The other day he got up on his tiptoes and got his mouth around it. I'm not sure what his plan was, but he wasn't too happy once he got his mouth around it--probably because he was actually hanging from his mouth a little bit. He also closed the drawer on his fingers shortly after this series was taken.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doctors, doctors, doctors

Just wanted to be sure I got down the results of Will's two appointments in October. At his 6 month well-baby appointment on 21 October, Will weighed 14 lbs 2 oz. and was 25 1/4 inches long. His head circumference was 42.5 cm. According to Dr. Thompson, that puts him in about the 5th percentile. He said he wasn't concerned because Will continues to gain; he said he's just a small baby. He also said that Will is clearly doing well in the development area as he demonstrated his crawling skills for the doctor on the exam table. He also had two teeth erupt just in time for the doctor's appointment. Dr. Thompson adjusted his meds (Reglan and Zantac) for his new weight and told us to give him Motrin for his teeth along with Orajel or teething tablets. (Note: Will thinks Orajel is from the devil. I got the worst nursing bite he's ever committed after we gave him Orajel.) Will got his next round of immunizations (THREE shots), but he didn't cry nearly as bad or as long this time.

On 30 October, I took Will to the consult appointment with pediatric GI that Dr. Thompson had requested waaaay back in August. Her name was Karen Steele, and she was very nice. Bil was sick (and had requested off the wrong day, anyway), so I had to take him by myself. Dr. Steele is located at Children's Hopsital Physicians Building, and their new offices are very nice. Hopefully they will update the Labor & Delivery/Postpartum portion of the hospital soon! Anyway, Will was being Mr. Personality Plus that morning, so I got all kinds of compliments on what an adorable, happy baby he was. The doctor seemed to believe me that he had had a lot of problems, despite his happiness that morning. She did not think it was normal that he has never slept for more than 3 hours at a stretch, and she changed his medications all up: No more Reglan (she said it's often prescribed but doesn't really seem to do much for infants with reflux), and she changed his Zantac to Prilosec. She said it's stronger stuff, and it's nice that we onlly have to do it once a day instead of twice. It's a solutab that I break in half and hold in his cheek until it dissolves. Will doesn't really enjoy me keeping my finger in there, but he likes putting stuff in his mouth so mostly he seems to like the Prilosec. She also prescribed a med called Cyproheptadine. I'm not sure what it's generic for, and the information it came with said it's an antihistimine. Dr. Steele called it "colic drops" like the Levisin (sp?) Dr. Thompson had prescribed when Will first started having problems. She didn't do the Levisin since I told her it didn't seem to do anything for him when he took it earlier. She said it can have a sedative effect and to only give it at bedtime since he was only having problems (with crying/pain) during the night. So, we have been on that regimen for 5 days now. So far, I have not seen much change in his nighttime problems, but Bil and I both agree that he is spitting up less during the daytime (though Bil got a bath in upchucked pears tonight, so it's not totally fixed....). We are supposed to go back to see Dr. Steele in January to reassess.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Night of the Hellmonster

I thought I would have big sister Rachel guestblog her experience babysitting Will after bedtime when Dad and I attended the U2 concert in Norman and had to be gone till 1 a.m.

Well, I arrived at 5:00 and Gina and Will answered the door. He was unenthusiastically eating a snack before his mommy left. He stopped paying any attention to Gina when I got there, and she hurried off to get ready as I watched him and made myself some dinner. They left about 5:30 and my adventure began.

Will was fine as I ate dinner. He talked and smiled and generally amused himself. Soon he was sleepy and I decided that some Enya music videos would be a good way to put him down. He fell asleep while watching Orinocco Flow on Youtube at about 6:15.

He slept for about an hour and woke up pleasantly. We played and read for a little while before I gave him his dinner of peaches and oatmeal. He ate about half of his food before he started spitting it out, at which point I decided he was done. He played for another ten minutes, before we started getting ready for bed.

I gave him a bath and he relaxed. When he got out of the bath it was time to seriously think about putting him down for the night. Gina always nurses him down, and I had had good luck with giving him a bottle before putting him in his cradle swing, so I grabbed a packet of frozen milk out of the freezer and started to dethaw it. This is where the horrible, awful, no-good, bad night begins.

I couldn't find a bottle. Usually, there's at least one that has been recently washed and is sitting on the counter, but not this night. I looked in every single cabinet and every single drawer and every single room for at least a dirty bottle. All I found was one without a nipple or a lid. At this point, Will had been crawling around on the living room floor for a half hour and the soothing aspect of the bath was no longer in effect - he was very awake. I had to give him some (now warm) milk if I wanted him to go to sleep anytime soon, so I put it in a sippy cup.

The first cup I put the milk in, Will apparently doesn't know how to use. He chewed on the nipple, but he didn't get any milk and became angry. I switched the milk over to a non-spill-proof sippy cup and let him drink from that. He drank two ounces of milk in about three minutes. I have no idea why he didn't spit up.

So after he drank I went ahead and put him in his swing and prayed he would fall asleep quickly. He didn't. After ten minutes he was crying loudly, so I grabbed him and walked him up and down the hallway. He cried and cried and cried until he fell asleep. I tried to put him down, but the second I did he woke right back up. I walked him up and down the hallway again, but this time, when he fell asleep I sat down in the rocking chair until he was in deep sleep, at which point I put him back in his swing. It was 9:30.

At this point I was already stressed out. Will had cried for about 45 minutes straight - something he had never done when I was alone with him. I was tired and needed some comfort food, so I called my mom and asked her to pick me up a milkshake and some french fries. She complied, and arrived at 10:15. She stayed with me while I ate (I wanted some company), but not two minutes after I finished eating the baby monitor came on: Will was awake again.

I left him for a few minutes to see if he would go back to sleep, but his awake noises quickly turned into crying. I got him out of the swing and tried to walk with him, but that didn't work. I went to the nursery and tried to rock him down, but that didn't work, either. Now it was 10:30 and I had dealt with an entire hour of inconsolable crying baby. I handed him off to my mom to rock him. We turned the TV on and gave him a baby book to play with. He calmed down.

Unfortunately, the calmness didn't last long. It was getting late and Will was getting more and more tired. I decided that it was time to start trying to get him to sleep again and I turned off the TV and made my mom leave the room. He quickly became mad and started not just crying this time, but downright screaming. It was 11:00. I couldn't find anything wrong. There was no way he was actually hungry, and he had only had his super stuffed night diaper on for a few hours - there was no way that was bothering him. I rocked and walked and talked and patted and did it all over and over and over again.

Finally, I asked my mom to see if she could find a bottle. She, of course, found one in less than five minutes, and we warmed up some milk. I gave him the bottle and he accepted about an ounce. I thought that maybe he would calm down then, but after the first ounce he tore away from the nipple and wouldn't accept it anymore. I had completely given up on getting him to go to sleep, and was only focused on stopping the screaming. I decided that maybe what he needed was just to not have anything to do: I put him in his cradle swing and let him sit there for seven minutes. I told myself I was going to give him ten, but I felt too bad. I went and got him again and I sat down with him on the floor and patted his back. Then he started screaming bloody murder and frantically looking between the kitchen and the hallway. At that point I knew exactly why he was crying: he wanted his mommy and she was not coming.

At this point I was seeing the midnight hour slip away and imagining how sleepy I was going to be the next day at school. My mom took him as I layed on the couch. It was 12:30. She bounced him slightly and to both of our amazements he calmed down. And, of course, after he stopped screaming, he passed out from exhaustion. It was 12:40.

Gina said he slept very, very well that night. I was not surprised.

On the Move

Will is officially mobile. Ok, he's been able to get around for a while now, but now it's different..... you know what I mean. Several weeks ago I had that experience of coming into the room and thinking to myself, "Um, where did the baby go?" since he wasn't where I left him. But, his movement in the past few weeks has mostly consisted of rolling with a bit of backwards crawling (and I don't mean purposeful backward crawling, so that was a lot of going the opposite direction he wanted to go), so although he could get himself where he wanted to go, it was slow, arduous, and often accompanied by crying. In the last week, he just started crawling forward as if he'd been doing it his whole life. He can also sit up by himself once he's crawling (can't pull himself to a sit from laying down, though). I definitely can't leave him laying on the changing table anymore (yes, I'm a bad mom, I do occasionally leave him while I grab clothes from his dresser a couple steps away).

As of two days ago, he's also sprouted teeth! No more chewing on Mommy's nose and chin (and she fears deeply for her boobs!). He's determined not to let us see them, though, so we'll have to wait to get pictures till they are tall enough to see above his lip.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Rachel just sent me to a blog-column about a woman whose newborn suffered from reflux/colic. Reading "The Never-Ending Scream" definitely brought back memories of the first four hellish months. Reading this will give you a pretty good idea of what we went through except it wasn't screaming for the most part, just never-ending crying. And Will's was mostly during the day. All day. Every day. He actually slept better at night then than he does now, but I think it was just because he was so exhausted from all the NEVER sleeping during the day!

However, just as the writer points out, it does end, and on the other side we have a wonderful baby who just seems to get better and better and more fun each day.

For baby record-keeping purposes, though, at 6.5 months, Will's reflux is still as bad as ever. He still spits up after pretty much every meal--sometimes what appears to be everything he just ate. Solids are not guaranteed to stay down any better than breastmilk, unfortunately (because upchucked pears are even more disgusting than milk). Thankfully, he's now mostly a "happy spitter" thanks to the medications.

6 Months and a Day

Well, this time 6 months ago, Will was almost 24 hours old! It is ever so cliche, and yet ever so true, how quickly time flies. Or at least, it goes by in a blur. While some individual days in the first few months seemed to be years in themselves, it seems like just a few weeks ago we were bringing Will home. He is a very different baby than the one who came home, though.

Baby Will
  1. Slept much better during the night. Never napped.
  2. Ate constantly (breastmilk only). Cried almost constantly.
  3. Was very alert but couldn't do a lot with it.
Big 6-month Will
  1. Naps almost every day, 2-3 hours. Is awake from every 20 minutes to every 2 hours during the night.
  2. Keeps his eating sessions to a reasonable 10-15 minutes and only every 2-3 hours. And eats oatmeal, rice, pears, and avocado. Cries only when he is exhausted or hungry (or hurt). Pretty happy baby otherwise.
  3. Still very alert, but now motors himself around--by lurching forward on all fours or rolling.

What hasn't changed
  1. Maintains an angelic "public face."
  2. Is Loud (he suffers from voice immodulation like his mom).
  3. Never misses anything.
  4. Always hits his milestones early (people always say, "He doesn't seem old enough to be XYZing!")
  5. Loves his peeps!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Tomorrow is Will's 5 month birthday! I can't believe how fast it's gone (even though certain days (and nights!) felt like eternity). Today I left him at a real daycare provider. She is not the one that Bil and I originally picked out (we are on that one's waiting list due to my indecision about what we were doing), but hopefully she will work out. Her name is Vivian, and she seems pretty nice. Will wasn't screaming when I picked him up, which makes me feel so much less guilty for leaving him in the first place.

Last night Will was working on his crawling skills. He was having some tummy time and he was stretching out his legs, pushing up on his toes, and then he got his knees up under himself. He couldn't quite figure out what to do with his arms in order to get moving, but I think he is not long for immobility! He was extremely frustrated with his inability to make himself move and squawked really loudly.

He is also eating rice cereal like a pro now. He ate several tablespoons at Vivian's, and Rachel feed him a couple more this afternoon. It's hard to eat food around him now without him constantly grabbing at it. I can no longer sit my poptarts on his stomach in the morning while he nurses--he will take them.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day

Today was my first day of classes and Will's first day of non-Mommy, non-Grandma, non-Sissy care. At the last minute (due to a long and not-very-exciting story that I don't feel like rehashing again at the moment), we decided to leave Will with an MBA student at SNU named Jorie. She and her husband are from China and, scrounging for work as international students often do, she had answered my ad on the SNU Virtual Market about childcare. As it turns out, we will not be able to use Jorie long-term because of taxes, but she is serving as a stopgap measure for us while we figure out what we're going to do long-term.

I think I did really well--dropped him off with no tears, and thanks to my classes' distracting me, with a minimum of worry. I did zoom over to pick him up as soon as I finished with my last class, though. I was glad I did--when I came him, he was sobbing as I sort of expected. He was fine as soon as I got him, though exhausted and hungry. I think he was also hot; it was 80 degrees (literally--I saw them temperature the window unit was set on), so i'm sure if you're having a screaming fit, it was pretty uncomfortable. I was more horrified to see that the 4 oz of breastmilk I had brought over frozen (in two bags) was all poured up and sitting out. He hadn't taken any of it, and I was scared to even try to feed it to him later this evening after it'd been sitting out all day. It was pretty maddening since that milk was at least 2 pumping session's worth and I had given VERY specific instructions to only pour up ONE bag unless he took all of the first one. Sigh........

Tomorrow my old college friend Ashley (Gill) Reighard is keeping him for me. I think I will take her just a bit of milk, but also some cereal. I am thinking maybe he will take "solids" better from other people than the bottle. We're also going to start practicing with the cup and see if we can get him to take milk that way. He has developed a huge fascination with cups in the last few days, and he lunges for them every time you take a drink in front of him.

Will had another first today--peanut butter-poo. It was his first non-exclusively breastfed poo; he took over 2 tablespoons of cereal the other day, then he didn't poo for a day, and then this morning when he finally did, you could tell he'd had solids. The poo was much more solidish and smelled disgusting. So, I sprayed my first diaper. It seems to have washed up fine.

Will has been crabby and tired all evening (he's napped off and on for short periods), so I'm hoping for a relatively early evening. I know I need it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Today I had a big meeting at work that was supposed to last from 9-3, so Grandma Weaver came up to stay with Will (since Rachel had to start school today!). It was pretty stressful for me to leave him, even with family. . . . So this was my first time to leave him at home to go to work, and my first time to pump at work. That was pretty fun.....on our break, I did a quick fly by of the downstairs bathroom in the business building and determined that it was NOT pump friendly. In fact, I didn't see an outlet at all. So, I went to the office and asked the secretary if there was a room with a bit of privacy that I could use for a few minutes. She gave me an unused office with a lock and no windows--yah! So, I got to pump in privacy, and when I took my supplies to wash out in the bathroom afterward, I was really glad I didn't have to use the bathroom because someone else had been using it for its intended purposes, and it was bad.

We actually got out of the meeting at noon instead of 3, so I was excited to get back to Will earlier than expected. When I walked in, I heard a pathetic sniffle and found him and Grandma sitting in the floor. She had been trying to feed him off and on for about an hour. She may or may not have been trying to give him the bottle (a Ventaire) flipped the wrong direction. Suffice to say, Will was pretty glad to see me. He ate and promptly fell asleep.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Rachel pointed out the ridiculousness of the number of swings we have in our living room. There are currently four swings of varying sizes and types residing in the living room. There is a fifth in our bedroom. The one in the bedroom is the new papasan swing we bought from Amazon so that we can give April's back to her.

Will seems to like it pretty well so far. It's cool--it has a canopy and projects stars onto the canopy and the wall. I actually got to sleep almost 4 hours in a row on Thursday night thanks to the miraculous papasan swing! I am now transferring Will back into the swing as soon as I realize he's done eating. This is making both of us much happier at night. Bil says it hasn't made much difference to him yet.

Laundry basket cutie

Monday, August 10, 2009

Whitecoat Hypertension: 4 Months

Today was Will's 4-month well baby appointment with Dr. Thompson. He did not get a lot of sleep this morning, so he was not in a fabulous mood when we got to the doctor's, but he was looking fair-to-middling in the happiness department.

He was fine while getting weighed and while we were waiting for Dr. Thompson to come in. However, as soon as the doctor took him, Will started screaming. It was pretty clearly a reaction to Dr. Thompson (who is not very scary, for the record). He screamed as if he was being tortured until I took him; I really would have thought he was in some serious pain or something had I not witnessed it myself. After I held him and he got calmed down, he still pouted and started up the screaming again when the doctor had to touch him for the rest of the exam. So, I guess he hit a new milestone: stranger aversion.......or something.

The doctor declared Will to be doing fine. He wants us to see a GI specialist since Will is still refluxing so much. He also noted that Will is sticking to his own little growth curve quite well, but he seems to hope that as the reflux gets better, Will might break into the semi-normal regions of the growth chart. He also wants us to start feeding a bit of rice cereal, which he hopes might have a good effect on the reflux. Let's see.........we're upping the Reglan and switching from Axid to Zantac when we run out (boo, insurance). The vaccination part was horrible. At least I was prepared for the heart-wrenching crying this time. I always thought people were just being overly dramatic about how difficult your child getting a shot is . . . well, now I know they weren't! It's awful! And then you have a grouchy kid to top off the day.

We go back again in two months. I can't believe my baby will six months old in October! These months have just flown by (although the hours have gone by painfully slow on many individual days)!

4 month (and 1 week) stats:
Weight: 12 lbs
Height: 23 1/4 inches
Head Circum: 40.5 cm

According to the calculators I can find online, that puts him in the "less than 5" percentile for weight and height and the 5-10 % category for head circumference. At least his head is growing!

ETA: Will woke up from his evening nap deathly pale and in pain. He is running ~99.7 temp. Poor baby! Every time he moves the leg he got the shot in he cries.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Milestone . . . in Bad Parenting

In the mornings, I usually sit Will in his travel swing (sits him about 3 inches off the ground). He doesn't like to swing in it, but it sits him up enough for him to watch the world go by in contentment for a few minutes. It also keeps him at a very convenient height for Yossie to clean him. (I'm not to the bad parenting part yet.) This buys me enough time lately to feed the dogs, toast myself a couple of PopTarts, sit down with a glass of chocolate milk, and actually eat before he gets fussy.

So, this morning, as per usual, I sit him in there. In addition to eating, I also popped his diapers into the washing machine, and as I was standing in the laundry room, I hear a cry--not his usual fussy, "I-want-attention" squawk, but a real wail of "Something is wrong." I dashed back to the living room, and he was laying on the cement tile in front of the patio doors on his back! Did I mention earlier that I hardly ever strap him in the swing?? Yep, I didn't strap him in, and he managed to wiggle himself out. Pretty quickly too, since I'd only been out of the living room a minute or two at most. Anyway, after inspecting his head and determining he wasn't permanently damaged, I took him outside as a treat. He is fascinated with everything outdoors, and a quick visit will usually get him to stop crying, at least temporarily.

So, he has officially reached the point of needing to be strapped in. Thank goodness I wasn't a really bad parent and had the swing sitting on the floor instead of the bed . . . because, I would never do that . . .

Also, he has been able to prop himself unassisted for going on a month now, but he is really getting good at it now. He held himself up to play with his new musical platypus for a good 5-10 minutes today.

And now, since it's Sunday and I'm feeling churchy, I give you Will as the Egyptian Baby Moses.

From Cousin Camp (July 4, 2009). Jeanne's boob.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bath Times are the Best Times

Will loves to take a bath. We discovered this when he was going through the worst part of our reflux-y, colic-colored nightmare. I read on Dr. Sears' website that bathing and even nursing in the tub can sooth a colicky baby. We stayed in about an hour one night. It was the only thing that would calm him down. Now he takes one most nights as part of the "sleep routine" we're trying to create. He loves to lay down and kick and splash with his feet and also to sit on Mommy's chest and play with his feet. (I think he usually can't reach his feet very well because of his puffy cloth diapers.) This week I put a rubber ducky toy in the tub with us, and he thought that was really cool. He had big fun with Grandma when she came to stay with us last week.

Our Little Birdie

This is why you don't carry Will on your shoulders within an
hour of his eating....note that the spit-up goes all the way down the side of Bil's shirt.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

We finally found something Will likes to sleep in (besides our arms!). April loaned us Anderson's papasan swing to try out, and it's working! He slept a 3-hour stretch in it for 3 days in a row. Now if we can just get it working at night.......

In non-sleep related news, Will has his 4-month checkup on Monday. We'll get to see how big he is and tell the doctor he regards raisins very well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christmas in July

Mommy has a bright, shiny new toy and will hopefully be able to upload pictures soon once she transfers the old ones from the dinosaur laptop.........

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Night with Will

9:30 -- Mommy quits watching Amazing Wedding Cakes to rock Will to sleep in his nursery.

9:40 -- Will is smiling and talking in his room. He is soooo not sleepy. Mommy says to herself, "Might as well go back to watching Cakes with everyone else."

9:45 -- Back in the living room, Will screams and cries that he is desperately tired. Daddy accuses Mommy of ignoring her baby's needs to satisfy her own selfish TV-watching desires.

9:50 -- Will goes to sleep while being rocked; Mommy is forced to watch the end of an In Plain Sight she didn't see the beginning of.

10:00 -- Success! Will is sleeping hard and gets put down in his beautiful, handmade-by-Grandpa crib for (hopefully) a long night's sleep!

10:05 -- Mommy is curled up comfortably in bed, on her stomach!!

10:40 -- Will wakes up. Mommy takes him into her bed. She is forced to sleep on her side to nurse Will to sleep.

12:30 a.m. -- Will wants more food.

2:30 -- Will wants more food.

3:00 -- Yossie barks outside the bedroom door. Mommy curses him in her head. She gives in and crawls carefully away from finally sleeping Will and out of bed to let him outside.

3:05 -- Mommy says she's not waiting on that stupid dog to finish his business and come back inside--he can spend the night outside.

3:30-4:00 -- Yossie wants back in and barks at the patio door repeatedly. Mommy shakes her fist (metaphorically) and gnashes her teeth. Yossie wins. Mommy crawls out of bed again........

5:00 Daddy's alarm goes off.

5:10 Daddy's alarm goes off.

5:15 Daddy's alarm goes off.

5:30 Daddy up for the day. Will wants more food.

7:30 Will wants more food.

9:15 Up for the day.

Isn't sleep a wonderful thing?

Guess who wants more food?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Will!

I am going to attempt to update and record Will's milestones and pictures here. We'll see how long my attention span for blogging turns out to be . . .

Will's stats to date:

DOB: 2 April 2009
Weight: 4 lb, 15 oz
Length: 18 inches

Two Week Appointment
16 April 2009
Weight: 5 lb, 5 oz
Length: 19 inches
FOC: 34.5 cm

First Smile!
3 May

Weight Check*
7 May
6 lb, 14 oz

Doctor Visit
26 May
Weight: 8 lb, 11 oz
Will had an ultrasound of his tummy--baby torture!
Will starts Axxid.

Upper GI
4 June
Baby waterboarding!!

5 June
Will proto-laughs!

11 June
2 month appointment
Weight: 9 lb, 7 oz
Length: 21 1/4 inches
Will starts on Reglan.

2 July
Had a laughing episode while playing with Annie.

6-11 July
Will started pouting before crying this week. So cute! (except for the crying)
Visited Annie in the hospital--racked up the compliments on cuteness.
Started taking naps after being rocked to sleep--major breakthrough--hallelujah.

15 July
Sat up unassisted for a few minutes while playing with his star stacker. May also have held out arms for Rachel to pick him up.

17-18 July
Attended Duncan's World's Largest Garage Sale. Had his public face on and got lots of compliments.

21 July
Turned pages of a cloth book. Dad says it's not a valid milestone because Will wanted to eat the page.

25 July
Giggle-laughed for the first time--with Mama in the bath and then at Daddy's singing.

26 July
Rolled from tummy to back while playing with Sissy.

*Scary weight check required because I had taken Will earlier in the week because of his sleep/eating problems beginning, and they had weighed him 5 lb, 10 oz (only up 5 oz in over two weeks). After he apparently gained 1 lb, 5 oz in 3 days, they decided that their scales were miscalibrated the first time.