Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christmas in July

Mommy has a bright, shiny new toy and will hopefully be able to upload pictures soon once she transfers the old ones from the dinosaur laptop.........

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Night with Will

9:30 -- Mommy quits watching Amazing Wedding Cakes to rock Will to sleep in his nursery.

9:40 -- Will is smiling and talking in his room. He is soooo not sleepy. Mommy says to herself, "Might as well go back to watching Cakes with everyone else."

9:45 -- Back in the living room, Will screams and cries that he is desperately tired. Daddy accuses Mommy of ignoring her baby's needs to satisfy her own selfish TV-watching desires.

9:50 -- Will goes to sleep while being rocked; Mommy is forced to watch the end of an In Plain Sight she didn't see the beginning of.

10:00 -- Success! Will is sleeping hard and gets put down in his beautiful, handmade-by-Grandpa crib for (hopefully) a long night's sleep!

10:05 -- Mommy is curled up comfortably in bed, on her stomach!!

10:40 -- Will wakes up. Mommy takes him into her bed. She is forced to sleep on her side to nurse Will to sleep.

12:30 a.m. -- Will wants more food.

2:30 -- Will wants more food.

3:00 -- Yossie barks outside the bedroom door. Mommy curses him in her head. She gives in and crawls carefully away from finally sleeping Will and out of bed to let him outside.

3:05 -- Mommy says she's not waiting on that stupid dog to finish his business and come back inside--he can spend the night outside.

3:30-4:00 -- Yossie wants back in and barks at the patio door repeatedly. Mommy shakes her fist (metaphorically) and gnashes her teeth. Yossie wins. Mommy crawls out of bed again........

5:00 Daddy's alarm goes off.

5:10 Daddy's alarm goes off.

5:15 Daddy's alarm goes off.

5:30 Daddy up for the day. Will wants more food.

7:30 Will wants more food.

9:15 Up for the day.

Isn't sleep a wonderful thing?

Guess who wants more food?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Will!

I am going to attempt to update and record Will's milestones and pictures here. We'll see how long my attention span for blogging turns out to be . . .

Will's stats to date:

DOB: 2 April 2009
Weight: 4 lb, 15 oz
Length: 18 inches

Two Week Appointment
16 April 2009
Weight: 5 lb, 5 oz
Length: 19 inches
FOC: 34.5 cm

First Smile!
3 May

Weight Check*
7 May
6 lb, 14 oz

Doctor Visit
26 May
Weight: 8 lb, 11 oz
Will had an ultrasound of his tummy--baby torture!
Will starts Axxid.

Upper GI
4 June
Baby waterboarding!!

5 June
Will proto-laughs!

11 June
2 month appointment
Weight: 9 lb, 7 oz
Length: 21 1/4 inches
Will starts on Reglan.

2 July
Had a laughing episode while playing with Annie.

6-11 July
Will started pouting before crying this week. So cute! (except for the crying)
Visited Annie in the hospital--racked up the compliments on cuteness.
Started taking naps after being rocked to sleep--major breakthrough--hallelujah.

15 July
Sat up unassisted for a few minutes while playing with his star stacker. May also have held out arms for Rachel to pick him up.

17-18 July
Attended Duncan's World's Largest Garage Sale. Had his public face on and got lots of compliments.

21 July
Turned pages of a cloth book. Dad says it's not a valid milestone because Will wanted to eat the page.

25 July
Giggle-laughed for the first time--with Mama in the bath and then at Daddy's singing.

26 July
Rolled from tummy to back while playing with Sissy.

*Scary weight check required because I had taken Will earlier in the week because of his sleep/eating problems beginning, and they had weighed him 5 lb, 10 oz (only up 5 oz in over two weeks). After he apparently gained 1 lb, 5 oz in 3 days, they decided that their scales were miscalibrated the first time.