Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day

Today was my first day of classes and Will's first day of non-Mommy, non-Grandma, non-Sissy care. At the last minute (due to a long and not-very-exciting story that I don't feel like rehashing again at the moment), we decided to leave Will with an MBA student at SNU named Jorie. She and her husband are from China and, scrounging for work as international students often do, she had answered my ad on the SNU Virtual Market about childcare. As it turns out, we will not be able to use Jorie long-term because of taxes, but she is serving as a stopgap measure for us while we figure out what we're going to do long-term.

I think I did really well--dropped him off with no tears, and thanks to my classes' distracting me, with a minimum of worry. I did zoom over to pick him up as soon as I finished with my last class, though. I was glad I did--when I came him, he was sobbing as I sort of expected. He was fine as soon as I got him, though exhausted and hungry. I think he was also hot; it was 80 degrees (literally--I saw them temperature the window unit was set on), so i'm sure if you're having a screaming fit, it was pretty uncomfortable. I was more horrified to see that the 4 oz of breastmilk I had brought over frozen (in two bags) was all poured up and sitting out. He hadn't taken any of it, and I was scared to even try to feed it to him later this evening after it'd been sitting out all day. It was pretty maddening since that milk was at least 2 pumping session's worth and I had given VERY specific instructions to only pour up ONE bag unless he took all of the first one. Sigh........

Tomorrow my old college friend Ashley (Gill) Reighard is keeping him for me. I think I will take her just a bit of milk, but also some cereal. I am thinking maybe he will take "solids" better from other people than the bottle. We're also going to start practicing with the cup and see if we can get him to take milk that way. He has developed a huge fascination with cups in the last few days, and he lunges for them every time you take a drink in front of him.

Will had another first today--peanut butter-poo. It was his first non-exclusively breastfed poo; he took over 2 tablespoons of cereal the other day, then he didn't poo for a day, and then this morning when he finally did, you could tell he'd had solids. The poo was much more solidish and smelled disgusting. So, I sprayed my first diaper. It seems to have washed up fine.

Will has been crabby and tired all evening (he's napped off and on for short periods), so I'm hoping for a relatively early evening. I know I need it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Today I had a big meeting at work that was supposed to last from 9-3, so Grandma Weaver came up to stay with Will (since Rachel had to start school today!). It was pretty stressful for me to leave him, even with family. . . . So this was my first time to leave him at home to go to work, and my first time to pump at work. That was pretty fun.....on our break, I did a quick fly by of the downstairs bathroom in the business building and determined that it was NOT pump friendly. In fact, I didn't see an outlet at all. So, I went to the office and asked the secretary if there was a room with a bit of privacy that I could use for a few minutes. She gave me an unused office with a lock and no windows--yah! So, I got to pump in privacy, and when I took my supplies to wash out in the bathroom afterward, I was really glad I didn't have to use the bathroom because someone else had been using it for its intended purposes, and it was bad.

We actually got out of the meeting at noon instead of 3, so I was excited to get back to Will earlier than expected. When I walked in, I heard a pathetic sniffle and found him and Grandma sitting in the floor. She had been trying to feed him off and on for about an hour. She may or may not have been trying to give him the bottle (a Ventaire) flipped the wrong direction. Suffice to say, Will was pretty glad to see me. He ate and promptly fell asleep.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Rachel pointed out the ridiculousness of the number of swings we have in our living room. There are currently four swings of varying sizes and types residing in the living room. There is a fifth in our bedroom. The one in the bedroom is the new papasan swing we bought from Amazon so that we can give April's back to her.

Will seems to like it pretty well so far. It's cool--it has a canopy and projects stars onto the canopy and the wall. I actually got to sleep almost 4 hours in a row on Thursday night thanks to the miraculous papasan swing! I am now transferring Will back into the swing as soon as I realize he's done eating. This is making both of us much happier at night. Bil says it hasn't made much difference to him yet.

Laundry basket cutie

Monday, August 10, 2009

Whitecoat Hypertension: 4 Months

Today was Will's 4-month well baby appointment with Dr. Thompson. He did not get a lot of sleep this morning, so he was not in a fabulous mood when we got to the doctor's, but he was looking fair-to-middling in the happiness department.

He was fine while getting weighed and while we were waiting for Dr. Thompson to come in. However, as soon as the doctor took him, Will started screaming. It was pretty clearly a reaction to Dr. Thompson (who is not very scary, for the record). He screamed as if he was being tortured until I took him; I really would have thought he was in some serious pain or something had I not witnessed it myself. After I held him and he got calmed down, he still pouted and started up the screaming again when the doctor had to touch him for the rest of the exam. So, I guess he hit a new milestone: stranger aversion.......or something.

The doctor declared Will to be doing fine. He wants us to see a GI specialist since Will is still refluxing so much. He also noted that Will is sticking to his own little growth curve quite well, but he seems to hope that as the reflux gets better, Will might break into the semi-normal regions of the growth chart. He also wants us to start feeding a bit of rice cereal, which he hopes might have a good effect on the reflux. Let's see.........we're upping the Reglan and switching from Axid to Zantac when we run out (boo, insurance). The vaccination part was horrible. At least I was prepared for the heart-wrenching crying this time. I always thought people were just being overly dramatic about how difficult your child getting a shot is . . . well, now I know they weren't! It's awful! And then you have a grouchy kid to top off the day.

We go back again in two months. I can't believe my baby will six months old in October! These months have just flown by (although the hours have gone by painfully slow on many individual days)!

4 month (and 1 week) stats:
Weight: 12 lbs
Height: 23 1/4 inches
Head Circum: 40.5 cm

According to the calculators I can find online, that puts him in the "less than 5" percentile for weight and height and the 5-10 % category for head circumference. At least his head is growing!

ETA: Will woke up from his evening nap deathly pale and in pain. He is running ~99.7 temp. Poor baby! Every time he moves the leg he got the shot in he cries.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Milestone . . . in Bad Parenting

In the mornings, I usually sit Will in his travel swing (sits him about 3 inches off the ground). He doesn't like to swing in it, but it sits him up enough for him to watch the world go by in contentment for a few minutes. It also keeps him at a very convenient height for Yossie to clean him. (I'm not to the bad parenting part yet.) This buys me enough time lately to feed the dogs, toast myself a couple of PopTarts, sit down with a glass of chocolate milk, and actually eat before he gets fussy.

So, this morning, as per usual, I sit him in there. In addition to eating, I also popped his diapers into the washing machine, and as I was standing in the laundry room, I hear a cry--not his usual fussy, "I-want-attention" squawk, but a real wail of "Something is wrong." I dashed back to the living room, and he was laying on the cement tile in front of the patio doors on his back! Did I mention earlier that I hardly ever strap him in the swing?? Yep, I didn't strap him in, and he managed to wiggle himself out. Pretty quickly too, since I'd only been out of the living room a minute or two at most. Anyway, after inspecting his head and determining he wasn't permanently damaged, I took him outside as a treat. He is fascinated with everything outdoors, and a quick visit will usually get him to stop crying, at least temporarily.

So, he has officially reached the point of needing to be strapped in. Thank goodness I wasn't a really bad parent and had the swing sitting on the floor instead of the bed . . . because, I would never do that . . .

Also, he has been able to prop himself unassisted for going on a month now, but he is really getting good at it now. He held himself up to play with his new musical platypus for a good 5-10 minutes today.

And now, since it's Sunday and I'm feeling churchy, I give you Will as the Egyptian Baby Moses.

From Cousin Camp (July 4, 2009). Jeanne's boob.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bath Times are the Best Times

Will loves to take a bath. We discovered this when he was going through the worst part of our reflux-y, colic-colored nightmare. I read on Dr. Sears' website that bathing and even nursing in the tub can sooth a colicky baby. We stayed in about an hour one night. It was the only thing that would calm him down. Now he takes one most nights as part of the "sleep routine" we're trying to create. He loves to lay down and kick and splash with his feet and also to sit on Mommy's chest and play with his feet. (I think he usually can't reach his feet very well because of his puffy cloth diapers.) This week I put a rubber ducky toy in the tub with us, and he thought that was really cool. He had big fun with Grandma when she came to stay with us last week.

Our Little Birdie

This is why you don't carry Will on your shoulders within an
hour of his eating....note that the spit-up goes all the way down the side of Bil's shirt.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

We finally found something Will likes to sleep in (besides our arms!). April loaned us Anderson's papasan swing to try out, and it's working! He slept a 3-hour stretch in it for 3 days in a row. Now if we can just get it working at night.......

In non-sleep related news, Will has his 4-month checkup on Monday. We'll get to see how big he is and tell the doctor he regards raisins very well.