Monday, August 10, 2009

Whitecoat Hypertension: 4 Months

Today was Will's 4-month well baby appointment with Dr. Thompson. He did not get a lot of sleep this morning, so he was not in a fabulous mood when we got to the doctor's, but he was looking fair-to-middling in the happiness department.

He was fine while getting weighed and while we were waiting for Dr. Thompson to come in. However, as soon as the doctor took him, Will started screaming. It was pretty clearly a reaction to Dr. Thompson (who is not very scary, for the record). He screamed as if he was being tortured until I took him; I really would have thought he was in some serious pain or something had I not witnessed it myself. After I held him and he got calmed down, he still pouted and started up the screaming again when the doctor had to touch him for the rest of the exam. So, I guess he hit a new milestone: stranger aversion.......or something.

The doctor declared Will to be doing fine. He wants us to see a GI specialist since Will is still refluxing so much. He also noted that Will is sticking to his own little growth curve quite well, but he seems to hope that as the reflux gets better, Will might break into the semi-normal regions of the growth chart. He also wants us to start feeding a bit of rice cereal, which he hopes might have a good effect on the reflux. Let's see.........we're upping the Reglan and switching from Axid to Zantac when we run out (boo, insurance). The vaccination part was horrible. At least I was prepared for the heart-wrenching crying this time. I always thought people were just being overly dramatic about how difficult your child getting a shot is . . . well, now I know they weren't! It's awful! And then you have a grouchy kid to top off the day.

We go back again in two months. I can't believe my baby will six months old in October! These months have just flown by (although the hours have gone by painfully slow on many individual days)!

4 month (and 1 week) stats:
Weight: 12 lbs
Height: 23 1/4 inches
Head Circum: 40.5 cm

According to the calculators I can find online, that puts him in the "less than 5" percentile for weight and height and the 5-10 % category for head circumference. At least his head is growing!

ETA: Will woke up from his evening nap deathly pale and in pain. He is running ~99.7 temp. Poor baby! Every time he moves the leg he got the shot in he cries.

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  1. Was glad to see your blog! Will is so stinkin cute! Back to work yet? Email me sometime (in between tv and crying baby! LOL!