Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Milestone . . . in Bad Parenting

In the mornings, I usually sit Will in his travel swing (sits him about 3 inches off the ground). He doesn't like to swing in it, but it sits him up enough for him to watch the world go by in contentment for a few minutes. It also keeps him at a very convenient height for Yossie to clean him. (I'm not to the bad parenting part yet.) This buys me enough time lately to feed the dogs, toast myself a couple of PopTarts, sit down with a glass of chocolate milk, and actually eat before he gets fussy.

So, this morning, as per usual, I sit him in there. In addition to eating, I also popped his diapers into the washing machine, and as I was standing in the laundry room, I hear a cry--not his usual fussy, "I-want-attention" squawk, but a real wail of "Something is wrong." I dashed back to the living room, and he was laying on the cement tile in front of the patio doors on his back! Did I mention earlier that I hardly ever strap him in the swing?? Yep, I didn't strap him in, and he managed to wiggle himself out. Pretty quickly too, since I'd only been out of the living room a minute or two at most. Anyway, after inspecting his head and determining he wasn't permanently damaged, I took him outside as a treat. He is fascinated with everything outdoors, and a quick visit will usually get him to stop crying, at least temporarily.

So, he has officially reached the point of needing to be strapped in. Thank goodness I wasn't a really bad parent and had the swing sitting on the floor instead of the bed . . . because, I would never do that . . .

Also, he has been able to prop himself unassisted for going on a month now, but he is really getting good at it now. He held himself up to play with his new musical platypus for a good 5-10 minutes today.

And now, since it's Sunday and I'm feeling churchy, I give you Will as the Egyptian Baby Moses.

From Cousin Camp (July 4, 2009). Jeanne's boob.

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