Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bath Times are the Best Times

Will loves to take a bath. We discovered this when he was going through the worst part of our reflux-y, colic-colored nightmare. I read on Dr. Sears' website that bathing and even nursing in the tub can sooth a colicky baby. We stayed in about an hour one night. It was the only thing that would calm him down. Now he takes one most nights as part of the "sleep routine" we're trying to create. He loves to lay down and kick and splash with his feet and also to sit on Mommy's chest and play with his feet. (I think he usually can't reach his feet very well because of his puffy cloth diapers.) This week I put a rubber ducky toy in the tub with us, and he thought that was really cool. He had big fun with Grandma when she came to stay with us last week.

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