Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day

Today was my first day of classes and Will's first day of non-Mommy, non-Grandma, non-Sissy care. At the last minute (due to a long and not-very-exciting story that I don't feel like rehashing again at the moment), we decided to leave Will with an MBA student at SNU named Jorie. She and her husband are from China and, scrounging for work as international students often do, she had answered my ad on the SNU Virtual Market about childcare. As it turns out, we will not be able to use Jorie long-term because of taxes, but she is serving as a stopgap measure for us while we figure out what we're going to do long-term.

I think I did really well--dropped him off with no tears, and thanks to my classes' distracting me, with a minimum of worry. I did zoom over to pick him up as soon as I finished with my last class, though. I was glad I did--when I came him, he was sobbing as I sort of expected. He was fine as soon as I got him, though exhausted and hungry. I think he was also hot; it was 80 degrees (literally--I saw them temperature the window unit was set on), so i'm sure if you're having a screaming fit, it was pretty uncomfortable. I was more horrified to see that the 4 oz of breastmilk I had brought over frozen (in two bags) was all poured up and sitting out. He hadn't taken any of it, and I was scared to even try to feed it to him later this evening after it'd been sitting out all day. It was pretty maddening since that milk was at least 2 pumping session's worth and I had given VERY specific instructions to only pour up ONE bag unless he took all of the first one. Sigh........

Tomorrow my old college friend Ashley (Gill) Reighard is keeping him for me. I think I will take her just a bit of milk, but also some cereal. I am thinking maybe he will take "solids" better from other people than the bottle. We're also going to start practicing with the cup and see if we can get him to take milk that way. He has developed a huge fascination with cups in the last few days, and he lunges for them every time you take a drink in front of him.

Will had another first today--peanut butter-poo. It was his first non-exclusively breastfed poo; he took over 2 tablespoons of cereal the other day, then he didn't poo for a day, and then this morning when he finally did, you could tell he'd had solids. The poo was much more solidish and smelled disgusting. So, I sprayed my first diaper. It seems to have washed up fine.

Will has been crabby and tired all evening (he's napped off and on for short periods), so I'm hoping for a relatively early evening. I know I need it!

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