Saturday, October 3, 2009

6 Months and a Day

Well, this time 6 months ago, Will was almost 24 hours old! It is ever so cliche, and yet ever so true, how quickly time flies. Or at least, it goes by in a blur. While some individual days in the first few months seemed to be years in themselves, it seems like just a few weeks ago we were bringing Will home. He is a very different baby than the one who came home, though.

Baby Will
  1. Slept much better during the night. Never napped.
  2. Ate constantly (breastmilk only). Cried almost constantly.
  3. Was very alert but couldn't do a lot with it.
Big 6-month Will
  1. Naps almost every day, 2-3 hours. Is awake from every 20 minutes to every 2 hours during the night.
  2. Keeps his eating sessions to a reasonable 10-15 minutes and only every 2-3 hours. And eats oatmeal, rice, pears, and avocado. Cries only when he is exhausted or hungry (or hurt). Pretty happy baby otherwise.
  3. Still very alert, but now motors himself around--by lurching forward on all fours or rolling.

What hasn't changed
  1. Maintains an angelic "public face."
  2. Is Loud (he suffers from voice immodulation like his mom).
  3. Never misses anything.
  4. Always hits his milestones early (people always say, "He doesn't seem old enough to be XYZing!")
  5. Loves his peeps!

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