Monday, November 30, 2009

This One Goes out to Aunt Jana

A Thanksgiving Post to follow soon...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Inevitable

It has finally occurred: Will ate dogfood this morning. While we were on the way to the car, I sat him down in the kitchen floor to run back and get his diapers for daycare. When I came back, he was playing in the dogfood Yossie left behind. I brushed it out of his hands and proceeded on with getting him all buckled in the carseat. After I lowered his handle so he could play with his hangy-zebra, I noticed he had a strange look on his face, very "cat that ate the canary." I stuck an exploratory finger in, and sure enough....kibble. I only found once piece, but he had gummed it pretty good so that it was disintegrating. Gross! The day before when I was dropping him off, I noticed his mouth was a funny color on the inside and drug out a leaf the he'd apparently been chewing for almost 30 minutes. I guess this needs to be a regular part of our routine--the pre-daycare mouth-fishing. That, or I could actually clean up the floor and prevent him from putting nasty stuff in his mouth . . . but what fun would that be?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Before It's Christmas . . .

I have been needing to put up Will's Halloween pictures for a couple of weeks now. He was a dalmatian, a costume that I bought last year after Halloween. As I recall, I got some withering comments from Bil last year when I excitedly showed him my purchase. He was not impressed with my thinking-aheadness. I believe he suggested the money might be better toward actually paying for the baby instead of costuming it . . .

When Halloween time finally rolled around, I was all excited to get out the costume and try it on. Bil wanted to know why I was bothering putting Will in costume when he wasn't old enough to trick or treat. I told him it was just for cuteness' sake. He didn't understand . . . In any case, the costume actually fit (which, it probably wouldn't have if Will hadn't been so undersized.......I obviously didn't understand the baby-clothing sizes before I had to start actually trying to fit a baby in them), and Will looked adorable, of course.

Amazingly, he actually doesn't seem to mind wearing hoods, hats, or his sunglasses. It's pretty surprising considering how busy he is with anything else. I guess it just doesn't bother him to have stuff on his head. All that to say, he looks adorable in his costume because he doesn't mind having the hood with ears up all the time.

Bil was so impressed with his cuteness that he wants to get Will an "itty bitty Santa suit," so we're on the search for one now. After trolling on the internet, Bil saw how many cute costumes there are for babies out there, and I think I may be able to talk him into an even better one for next Halloween!

On Halloween day, Mommy and Daddy were supposed to go to the OU-KSU game, but were unable to go because Daddy was sick with a virus. Since we were home after all, Will visited his Annie (who also visited him at home earlier in the day--she made him an adorable trick-or-treat bag filled with Snickers--which Mommy and Rachel enjoyed--and gave him a stacker toy) at her home on Halloween evening and then Aunt Jana and Uncle Brad at their brand new house. Grandma and Grandpa Weaver were also there, helping Jana and Brad with moving in.

While there, Will waved for the first time--at Brad. Will was sitting in the floor, and I glanced down and noticed him weirdly moving his hand; I looked at where he was staring and saw Brad waving his hand back and forth (instead of a flapping motion). Will seemed to be imitating him, but I was not convinced that it wasn't a coincidence. Later, though, he did it again--at Brad. We think we've gotten him to replicate it a couple of times since then, but he hasn't taken off with it.

Sister Sister

Big Sisters are the bestest.

Even when they poke you in the nose.

We love you, Rachel!!

*Note: Will's surfer-baby outfit is courtesy of Rachel & Annie--so cute!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Once Will figured out how to move forwards while crawling, he immediately set his sights higher. . . .

He is very attracted to the side table by the loveseat. Probably because it is filled with yummy yummy paper goods.

Note the overturned laundry basket in the background.
This is scary stuff, ya'll.
He nears his goal.....
And the baby makes the transformation from quadraped to biped.

Will is a big fan of the knob on the drawer. The other day he got up on his tiptoes and got his mouth around it. I'm not sure what his plan was, but he wasn't too happy once he got his mouth around it--probably because he was actually hanging from his mouth a little bit. He also closed the drawer on his fingers shortly after this series was taken.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doctors, doctors, doctors

Just wanted to be sure I got down the results of Will's two appointments in October. At his 6 month well-baby appointment on 21 October, Will weighed 14 lbs 2 oz. and was 25 1/4 inches long. His head circumference was 42.5 cm. According to Dr. Thompson, that puts him in about the 5th percentile. He said he wasn't concerned because Will continues to gain; he said he's just a small baby. He also said that Will is clearly doing well in the development area as he demonstrated his crawling skills for the doctor on the exam table. He also had two teeth erupt just in time for the doctor's appointment. Dr. Thompson adjusted his meds (Reglan and Zantac) for his new weight and told us to give him Motrin for his teeth along with Orajel or teething tablets. (Note: Will thinks Orajel is from the devil. I got the worst nursing bite he's ever committed after we gave him Orajel.) Will got his next round of immunizations (THREE shots), but he didn't cry nearly as bad or as long this time.

On 30 October, I took Will to the consult appointment with pediatric GI that Dr. Thompson had requested waaaay back in August. Her name was Karen Steele, and she was very nice. Bil was sick (and had requested off the wrong day, anyway), so I had to take him by myself. Dr. Steele is located at Children's Hopsital Physicians Building, and their new offices are very nice. Hopefully they will update the Labor & Delivery/Postpartum portion of the hospital soon! Anyway, Will was being Mr. Personality Plus that morning, so I got all kinds of compliments on what an adorable, happy baby he was. The doctor seemed to believe me that he had had a lot of problems, despite his happiness that morning. She did not think it was normal that he has never slept for more than 3 hours at a stretch, and she changed his medications all up: No more Reglan (she said it's often prescribed but doesn't really seem to do much for infants with reflux), and she changed his Zantac to Prilosec. She said it's stronger stuff, and it's nice that we onlly have to do it once a day instead of twice. It's a solutab that I break in half and hold in his cheek until it dissolves. Will doesn't really enjoy me keeping my finger in there, but he likes putting stuff in his mouth so mostly he seems to like the Prilosec. She also prescribed a med called Cyproheptadine. I'm not sure what it's generic for, and the information it came with said it's an antihistimine. Dr. Steele called it "colic drops" like the Levisin (sp?) Dr. Thompson had prescribed when Will first started having problems. She didn't do the Levisin since I told her it didn't seem to do anything for him when he took it earlier. She said it can have a sedative effect and to only give it at bedtime since he was only having problems (with crying/pain) during the night. So, we have been on that regimen for 5 days now. So far, I have not seen much change in his nighttime problems, but Bil and I both agree that he is spitting up less during the daytime (though Bil got a bath in upchucked pears tonight, so it's not totally fixed....). We are supposed to go back to see Dr. Steele in January to reassess.