Saturday, November 14, 2009

Before It's Christmas . . .

I have been needing to put up Will's Halloween pictures for a couple of weeks now. He was a dalmatian, a costume that I bought last year after Halloween. As I recall, I got some withering comments from Bil last year when I excitedly showed him my purchase. He was not impressed with my thinking-aheadness. I believe he suggested the money might be better toward actually paying for the baby instead of costuming it . . .

When Halloween time finally rolled around, I was all excited to get out the costume and try it on. Bil wanted to know why I was bothering putting Will in costume when he wasn't old enough to trick or treat. I told him it was just for cuteness' sake. He didn't understand . . . In any case, the costume actually fit (which, it probably wouldn't have if Will hadn't been so undersized.......I obviously didn't understand the baby-clothing sizes before I had to start actually trying to fit a baby in them), and Will looked adorable, of course.

Amazingly, he actually doesn't seem to mind wearing hoods, hats, or his sunglasses. It's pretty surprising considering how busy he is with anything else. I guess it just doesn't bother him to have stuff on his head. All that to say, he looks adorable in his costume because he doesn't mind having the hood with ears up all the time.

Bil was so impressed with his cuteness that he wants to get Will an "itty bitty Santa suit," so we're on the search for one now. After trolling on the internet, Bil saw how many cute costumes there are for babies out there, and I think I may be able to talk him into an even better one for next Halloween!

On Halloween day, Mommy and Daddy were supposed to go to the OU-KSU game, but were unable to go because Daddy was sick with a virus. Since we were home after all, Will visited his Annie (who also visited him at home earlier in the day--she made him an adorable trick-or-treat bag filled with Snickers--which Mommy and Rachel enjoyed--and gave him a stacker toy) at her home on Halloween evening and then Aunt Jana and Uncle Brad at their brand new house. Grandma and Grandpa Weaver were also there, helping Jana and Brad with moving in.

While there, Will waved for the first time--at Brad. Will was sitting in the floor, and I glanced down and noticed him weirdly moving his hand; I looked at where he was staring and saw Brad waving his hand back and forth (instead of a flapping motion). Will seemed to be imitating him, but I was not convinced that it wasn't a coincidence. Later, though, he did it again--at Brad. We think we've gotten him to replicate it a couple of times since then, but he hasn't taken off with it.

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