Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Inevitable

It has finally occurred: Will ate dogfood this morning. While we were on the way to the car, I sat him down in the kitchen floor to run back and get his diapers for daycare. When I came back, he was playing in the dogfood Yossie left behind. I brushed it out of his hands and proceeded on with getting him all buckled in the carseat. After I lowered his handle so he could play with his hangy-zebra, I noticed he had a strange look on his face, very "cat that ate the canary." I stuck an exploratory finger in, and sure enough....kibble. I only found once piece, but he had gummed it pretty good so that it was disintegrating. Gross! The day before when I was dropping him off, I noticed his mouth was a funny color on the inside and drug out a leaf the he'd apparently been chewing for almost 30 minutes. I guess this needs to be a regular part of our routine--the pre-daycare mouth-fishing. That, or I could actually clean up the floor and prevent him from putting nasty stuff in his mouth . . . but what fun would that be?

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the world of fishing things out of your kid's mouth! I have had that experience many times. Just wait until he gets old enough to open the container himself. Several times we have found Ella inside of the dog food tub, eating it or giving the boys an extra snack. They love that!