Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby's First Christmas

Since we are going to be in Georgia on the 25th and because Rachel wanted her present (iPod Touch!) for the trip to Georgia, we went ahead and had our family Christmas at home on Saturday morning, the 19th.

We all had a really nice time, beginning with pancakes. Rachel was chomping at the bit to open presents, but since Bil wasn't up yet, she got to feed her brother while I cooked breakfast instead. After Bil got up, there was no holding her back, and she played Santa. We went around the family, opening one gift at a time and joked about the fact that it will probably be many more years before we can do that again, since Will will be old enough to understand about opening presents next year and hard to hold back.

Rachel's best present was obviously her Touch; she was sorely disappointed when she opened a Garmin box only to find some socks inside. I really wasn't trying to trick her......I assumed she would figure it was just being used as a box since she knew Bil got the Garmin a couple of weeks ago. I got the Chi flat iron that I asked for (yes, I am finally getting on board the flat iron bandwagon after using Rachel's . . . ), and Rachel has promised to paint my deadly dull office and decorate it for me (yah!). Bil got a robe, South Park Season 7, and, of course, the Garmin he bought himself a few weeks ago. Will got a Busy Ball Choo Choo and a Mozart cube, both of which he has shown mild interest in, and Baby Signing Time DVD, which he hasn't seen yet. Santa brought the family Guitar Hero World Tour and GH5. We spent several hours playing with it on Saturday and Sunday, to the great dismay of Will, he can't quite join in yet, but he has a good time trying to "help" everybody with the various instruments.

Will was quite charming all day; he hit a new (maybe?) milestone, when he displayed the ability to walk quite well behind his push toy. He has never seemed to realize what the toy was for before, just choosing to climb on it rather than walk. Yesterday, though, I saw him accidentally push off with it, and instead of standing still and falling down like he usually does, he actually took off with it. He rammed it pretty immediately into something, so I reaimed it for him, and sure enough, he zoomed off with it, so then we made him perform going up and down the hallway. He does really well until it gets stuck, and then he doesn't know how to fix it. I think he will be walking on his own before too long!

He had some trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and I should have guessed something was up. We had an absolutely terrible night, with lots of actual crying during the night, especially for a long stretch from about 4-6. It was quite unpleasant. When I finally gave up on getting anymore sleep (and when Kona's scratching was getting too desperate too ignore), Will and I got up and transferred to the living room, where I hoped he might be able to breathe better sitting up and maybe we'd be able to get some more sleep. I believe we did doze, but only for about 15 mins. Poor little guy was oozing from every orifice on his face. He has cried and fussed all day long. Once when he was feeling a bit energetic, he crawled over to the new GH guitar and was messing with it. The guitar fell over next to him, and Rachel picked it up and put it out of reach. Will burst into tears and crawled off so slowly and dejectedly. He was so pitiful that I called him over to me so I could maybe get him to sleep. It was the saddest crawl ever, poor little bug!

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