Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Better Late Than Never: Thanksgiving

So Grandma and Grandpa Weaver decided to drive out to Georgia for Thanksgiving, stopping along the way to see Jimmie, Rachel, & Ella in Kansas and then in Tennessee to see Alisha. Before that long trip, they came to the city, and we had a pre-Thanksgiving Dinner and shopping trip. Grandma and Jana found Will a "First Thanksgiving" outfit--very cute! Daddy wasn't able to attend the festivities (he still hasn't seen Jana and Brad's new house!) since he was sick with a terrible infection in his jaw, caused by two bad teeth. He was in a lot of pain that finally started getting better after a couple of rounds of heavy duty antibiotics and a tooth removal (he has to go back after the first of the year to get another root canal. Yuck!).

Thankfully, we were all fairly healthy on Thanksgiving, and we spent all day over at Annie's house with all of Daddy's family. Annie cooked a nice lunch, which Will probably liked to have eaten! I made him his own special sweet potato and cheerio "casserole" (pureed and roasted sweet potatoes and milk with cheerios on top). It looked really cute, but unfortunately, Will seemed to think it tasted awful!

Will got to see all of his Yount cousins again, including Hannah and Aaron, whom he met for the first time. He seemed very excited by the whole event and was much better behaved than Mommy feared he might be. The older kids were very sweet to watch out for him while they were playing, and he had a great time crawling around from person to person.

We are very thankful for all of our family!

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