Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Part Deux

So we have finally returned from our Christmases in the south. We left for Georgia on Tuesday, the 22nd. Will and I went to the pediatrician's bright and early that morning after the nurse decided they'd better actually see him instead of just calling him something in. I was glad I decided to take him in because he ended up being diagnosed with his first ear infection and a sinus infection. He started his first antibiotic (something that starts with a z?--not a penicillin just in case he takes after Mommy in his drug allergies). We left about 5:45, after Grandma & Grandpa Weaver, Jana, Brad, Jimmie, Rachel, & Ella all arrived. They rode in the Excursion, and we followed in the Escape. We had hoped that by leaving at night, the littles would have an easier time of just sleeping in their car seats. Unfortunately, it did not seem to work out that way. We had to stop 3 times on the way out of Oklahoma for various potty-type breaks; it seemed like Will would just finally have fallen asleep when we had to stop. It's hard to coordinate babies and toddlers, it seems! I ended up doing the contortionist nursing of Will while he was still strapped into the carseat, while still wearing my seatbelt. Yah for safety, boo for sore backs!

We finally arrived in Georgia around 1 p.m. The Excursion crew arrived earlier, but Bil and I volunteered to switch out Rachel for Grandma Weaver and take her into Macon to finish some last minute shopping for Great Grandma Smith, so we were a bit later.

Will was pretty much just adorable through all of Christmas, despite being absolutely miserably sick (and cutting his two top teeth--because his oozing, coughing infection just wasn't enough). I told Bil that if Will felt half as bad as I felt when I was at the worst point (because, of course, I came down with the same infection a couple days after he did), then he was an amazingly good natured baby. After the first few months, I am sometimes still amazed/afraid of jinxing the good tempered little guy Will seems to have grown into.

Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Smith both really enjoyed meeting Will and were so proud to show him off. He enjoyed being held by both of them. They both wear glasses, so I'm sure that helped! Will also enjoyed playing with Grandpa's oxygen tubing. He wanted to chew on it so bad, but for some reason Grandpa thought that would be a bad idea!

In addition to meeting his great-grandparents, Will also got to spend a day with Aunt Marie & Uncle Howard, Alisha, Alan, Katie, and Cousin Ty, who took him down his first slide! He also got to ride in a swing for the first time, which was a big hit (we decided he definitely needs one at home). On Christmas Day, he also met Uncle Buddy & Aunt Kay, Bryan, Vanessa, and Steven. All were duly impressed with his cuteness. He wore his Santa suit, so who could blame them?

Finally, the trip ended with the Thompson family reunion, where Great-Grandma was pleased to win the prize for having the largest number of her descendants present. She had a great time showing off Will, carting him around to compare with the other babies (there were four born in a four-month span). Ella gave chesties to several of the great-great-grandkids, and a good time was had by all.

After supper--the biggest pot of stroganoff ever--Rachel, Will, Bil, and I loaded up and left for Texas. We were on our way to Lucas (suburb of Dallas) where the Younts would be having Christmas at Uncle Tony and Aunt Jill's house.

I have a series of about 20 pictures of the Great-Grands, and this was about the best of the lot. Something was being picked, pointed, or completely obscured in all of them (usually by at least two children).

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