Monday, November 29, 2010

The Bitter Tears of William Von Yount

We had a really nice set of Thanksgivings this year, first at Granny and Papa Weaver's, then to Uncle Kirby's for Yount Thanksgiving, and then back to Duncan for a mini-extended Weaver Thanksgiving.

Will had a good time at all the Thanksgivings, but he was tuckered out and almost asleep when we got back from our first Duncan trip, and so I thought I would run take a bath and let him skip his for the night. Will realized at some point that I had gone to take a bath, and he cried--bitter, bitter tears of disappointment that I took one without him. He was clearly not angry, but disappointed, in his crying. When I got out, he was petting my hair and pulled on a piece of it, noticing that it was wet, and he whined about it. It was cute, but also sad.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well, I let myself get so far behind in updating that the task of catching-up seemed impossible; consequently, I never "had time" to write that super-long post(s). So, I guess the time has come to admit defeat and just skip the last few months and start fresh here, at the end of October.


Will and I had a stay-at-home day today after his first-ever bout of a stomach bug. It started yesterday afternoon, but we all just assumed at the first incident he was suffering from reflux, which he is mostly over but still has a little problem with every now and then. Rachel and I took Will to OKC First's Fall Fest, which I think he quite enjoyed once he got there and figured out what it was all about. He was really good for the Bible walk, where people from the church acted out scenes from the Bible and then distributed candy that matched ("In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth"=Milky Ways). Will really liked getting his piece of candy at every stop. It was also funny to hear the little kids in our group say, "Don't forget the duck" when the Bible characters were distributing candy.

He only had about half a pack of Smarties at the festival, so I cannot blame the candy for the horrid night that followed. Will went to sleep as usual, and woke around 11 and puked all over me and himself. He did the same again around 1:30, 2:30, and 4:30. Only one of those times did I manage to get him positioned over a trashcan in time. I went through three shirts and was down to only one or two pillows before the ordeal was over. Since I didn't realize he was sick till the middle of the night, there wasn't time to get Judy lined up to keep him for my class at 8 today, so I elected to stay home with him. I am waiting for the inevitable . . . when I come down with it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From the Eastern Seaboard

It's almost 7 a.m. here in Quincy, MA. I have been awake since about 5:30, and I was able to sneak out of bed a while ago and thought I'd do a quick vacation post.

We are staying at Eastern Nazarene College, who have kindly put us up in a guest apartment in one of their student housing buildings. So far our trip has gone very well. We arrived without incident; Will traveled very well until the drive from Hartford to Quincy; apparently he decided about an hour in that he had quite enough sitting for one day, thank you very much! He was so cute in the airports, running around and making friends with all the travelers. You never get so many smiles as when you are chasing a cute baby!

Today we will do the tour of ENC and then do some sightseeing in Boston and hopefully also let Will visit the beach for the first time. ENC is literally a street away from the Atlantic!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Breaking into the Charts!

Well, I am happy to announce that Will has finally made a break into the regular growth charts. His head circumference made it in several months back, but his height and weight had previously just been holding to his own curve, which the doctor says is "below the 3rd percentile" (apparently they don't classify it if it's lower than that). His height shot up at his 15 month visit, though; his giant 30 inches places him "between the 10th and 25th percentile." His weight was 18 lbs, 6 oz, which is still less than the 3%. His head circumference was 45 cm (18.11" according to Google), which is also good for a 10-25% ranking.

The doctor didn't have much else to say. I guess he's not too concerned about his weight. I told him Will is just too busy these days to care much about eating. I forgot to ask about his anemia that was discovered at 12 mos and whether he would be retested at some point.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Will and the Magic Hat

Will has a little hat that I try to make him wear when we go outside. He doesn't really like to wear it (ok, he doesn't like to wear it at all), but he loves his hat because he thinks it has the magical property of making us go outside. Whenever he decides he wants to go out, he goes and finds that hat, picks it up, and then gestures outside, saying "ba." Don't ask why "ba" means outside--I just know that it does. He does this consistently, so it's pretty clear he believes that wearing the hat will get him a trip outside!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Will on Wheels

Today I stopped by a garage sale with Will. As we walked up the driveway, sitting at the end was a Cozy Coupe Fisher Price car. Will practically leaped from my arms to the pavement. He climbed immediately into the car and then refused to get out, even after I pushed him around in it a little bit. I had to roll him over to the rest of the garage sale so that I could check out the other items. When I was finished looking, I tried to get him out again, failing to do anything except elicit screeching. After some negotiating, the lady took my offer of $20, and I pushed Will (still in the car, of course) down the driveway and to the street where we were parked. When I pulled him out to put him in his carseat, he was flailing and screeching and throwing the nearest thing to a tantrum I've yet seen from him. We got the coupe loaded up in the front seat and brought it home. Will was past due for a nap when we got home, but he spent an hour opening and closing the door and going in and out of the car over and over (and over) again. He loves his first set of wheels!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Words, Words, Words

Words Will said in the 14 months before tubes:
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • bye (ba-ba)
  • al-lo (hello)
Words Will has said in the week and a half since he got his tubes in:
  • up
  • hot
  • no
  • all done
  • sissssa
  • Ella
  • bath
  • yuck (accompanied by scrunched up nose)
  • hey
  • cat (supposedly, I haven't heard it yet)
Think his hearing might have improved??

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And the ENT Recommends . . . .

Tubes. Not a big surprise given that Will has spent about half of the last 6 months with an ear infection and on antibiotics. We didn't get a for-sure date due to insurance questions, but the surgery will probably be either the June 14 or 20, both are Mondays. The doctor said the procedure will only take 3 or 4 minutes, though he will probably be out for longer. He will have to be put under complete anesthesia, which is kind of scary. But we also feel that we are putting him at risk with having to keep him on antibiotics constantly as well, so . . . I'll update when we get a date for certain.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Just to verify my last post:

Today we went to OKC First Church again. I took Will in with us initially so Pam and RB could see him. He was smiling and being generally adorable, but also loud and rambunctious, so I wasn't even going to try to get it him to sit through the service and took him back to the nursery. They took him from me and, aside from initial crying (that kept going at least till I was out of earshot), he apparently did quite well for almost the whole service. During the (fakeout) "closing" prayer, our number flashed up on the screen, and I zoomed back to get him. In the nursery they told me all about how he loved someone named Charlie and a man sitting in the nursery told me that Will had the most adorable smile and that he loved how his whole face was involved in the smiling. After a quick nurse in the "cry room," we went back to the service after what I believed to be the final, final prayer. Turns out that one was a fakeout too, and there was still the offering to go. So, Will was loud and boisterous there too. After I returned, the couple sitting behind me commented about how adorable Will's smile was (almost a word-for-word rendition of what the guy in the nursery said). He charmed everyone. And he participated in the singing--quite loudly! He enjoyed making his joyful noise.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Surpassing Cuteness

I say this all the time (at least since Will was 6 months old), but I truly don't see how he can get any cuter than he is right now. He is so adorable; he smiles all the time, and usually when he does, he can't just stop with a little grin. He gets his whole face into it, squinching up his eyes and wrinkling his nose (if he's standing, he even has to squat down a little too). And he LOVES to be the center of attention; that just makes him even more smiley, as he was last night when Granny and Papa came through town and took us to eat for my birthday. He was thrilled to be the center of 5 people's attention at once.

He has also started giving real hugs. Rachel was the first recipient a couple weeks ago, now he's progressed to giving them to Mama, Daddy, and Kona as well. I think Annie may also have coaxed one out of him. We haven't managed to capture one digitally yet, but hopefully soon!

I'll add pics to verify his cuteness soon.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Busy Month

So long with no updates . . . I'm really going to have to get better about updating even when busy because now that Will's First Year Calendar has run out, I don't have any place else to record all his little milestones (and numerous illnesses).

Let's see what's happened with us in the last month:

  • Attended Ian Grant's birthday party at the OKC Zoo toward the end of April. Will seemed to have a fine time (there was no crying from him). He got to ride around in his stroller, which he loves, and pet the goats at the newly redesigned Children's Zoo. The CZ is awesome! They have several play areas for the kids, a Lorakeets area, where birds will actually come and land on the kids, and of course, the traditional petting zoo. The whole big complex is designed to be really kid friendly. It was very nice. However . . . .
  • After getting home from the birthday party, Will was asleep in the car, so we left him out in the garage (car and house doors open, of course) while getting the house straightened up so that Rachel could come over to get dressed, take her pre-prom pictures, and meet up with her "gentleman caller," Jimmie. She looked gorgeous, though the same cannot be said for Jimmie's Flock-of-Seagulls hairdo, unfortunately.
  • Will slept for almost 3 hours in the car--an unheard of length for him. I was worried. By that night, he had developed a fever, and by Sunday, I had already determined he was going to the dr. first thing Monday.
  • I got out of bed late that morning (around 7:10), spent 4 or 5 minutes on hold with pedi's secretary, then made an appointment with Sherry, the Nurse Practitioner, for 7:45 since I figured I could probably make it to my 9 am class from that appointment. However, that left me 0 minutes to get ready to go since it takes at least 20 minutes of driving to get to the doctor's office. But, we made it. Will did, indeed, have an ear infection as well as a sinus infection. I dropped Will back at daycare, taught my two classes, and afterword discovered that my skirt was on backwards. Oops!
  • After dealing with that illness for about a week and a half, we had a nice respite while I wrapped up the semester (super-busy time as always).
  • We went to Lawrence for the last time to see Jimmie be hooded and to celebrate his graduation and Ella's 3rd birthday (early). It was good to see everybody, of course. We even got to see Sherry Norsworthy, my third cousin, who has twin girls just a couple of months younger than Will. I definitely think there's a family resemblance between them. I do not envy Jimmie & Rachel and the big move that they are about to make, but they are getting their house in great shape to sell!
  • While we were talking to Sherry in the kitchen at Jimmie & Rachel's, Will was running around under the table. It was just tall enough for him stand fully upright underneath the table, but there was a little lip around the edge, and every time Will would come up to the lip, he would bonk right into it. Over and over (and over) again, sometimes even falling completely down. He never did seem to figure it out.
  • We saw the crazy Kansas church group who protest at funerals and stuff. They were protesting commencement. We're not really sure why. But apparently the Jayhawk is gay. Who knew??
  • Will did very well on the trip, except for a couple of hours driving each way. Grandma Weaver was nice enough to ride in the backseat with him and somewhat make him happy and help him drift off to sleep. On Sunday morning, we ate breakfast with Grandpa Weaver's aunt & uncle, and after we finished eating, I let Will run around the ground floor of the hotel. He was so cute just zooming around. He got to climb up a full-size set of twisty stairs, which he quite enjoyed. A group of strangers commented on how adorable he was!
  • When we got back, Will seemed a bit fussy. But I chalked it up to the trip. Monday I went in and got some good grading done. I was so happy because I was on track to finish earlier than Friday. But when Monday evening came around, guess who had a fever? Yep.....
  • Tuesday was very very bad. Tuesday night was AWFUL. Wednesday we went to see Dr. Thompson who diagnosed a raging double ear infection. He prescribed a Z-pack and some ear drops for the pain. We also finally got the ENT referral. We have an appointment for June 2 with a Dr. Mark Wood.
  • Wednesday night was also a terrible, very bad, no good night. But we had to get up and go the next day because I had to teach the GRE class for the McNair program. Will went to his last official day of daycare.
  • I managed to finally finish up my grading on Friday morning, and Will was finally feeling better.
  • Saturday was Stephanie's wedding. Will was very good considering we were there all day long and he did not get enough attention from me. He was up very late because of the after-party at Jana & Brad's house, but he had a great time playing there. He thought his older cousins were big fun.
  • Sunday we went to say goodbye to Ella and all over breakfast. We also got lots of good food left over from the wedding Yummy!
  • Will's ears still seem to be bothering him, so we're going back to the NP this Thursday.
That pretty much catches us up to the present. I'll try to keep up better from now on.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

End of the Weekend-itis

Well, another week has come to a close (and so has my weekend), and as usual, I feel that very little has gotten done.

What I have accomplished this weekend:

  • bought groceries for next week's meals
  • delivered car to dealership for to get fixed
  • shopped at JoAnn's big May Day sale--got lots of diapering fabrics; they now have PUL and in colors! Also got assorted needles of which I was in need.
  • held Will for many, many, many (many, many) hours. He seemed to be feeling a smidge better in the early part of the week, but then was feverish and super-grumpy on Thursday, and his cough has been getting worse all week. The pediatrician called him in an antibiotic, and I'm to call them back if he's not better by Wednesday. *Sigh*
  • cleaned my bathtub--with Softscrub and everything
  • vacuumed the living room floor
  • made two pairs of Robeez-style shoes for Will (my big project this weekend). The first pair was completed while Will wailed against my legs at the sewing table because I refused to pick him up while I was sewing. The second pair (completed earlier this evening) was entirely constructed with Will on my back in the Ergo, asleep. He slept for about 3 hours on my back this evening. I finally took him out to wake him up in fear of his being up till midnight tonight.
  • planted the little pepper and tomato plants Daddy brought me a couple weeks ago
Will has several new tricks he's added to his repertoire, in spite of not feeling good.
  • When Rachel was leaving tonight, he very clearly said, "Sis-aa" to her
  • He holds his cell phone (the one I killed this week) to his ear and says, "Aa-lo." There's no "h" sound there at all, but he's almost got the intonation down.
  • Week before last, there were many tears and great wailing when I left him at daycare because he had a substitute teacher. This last week, he practically leapt out of my arms and into Janna's, his teacher's, and gleefully waved bye to me.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Baaaack.........

Well, after an ear/sinus/eye infection two weeks ago, we got to enjoy last week with a healthy and happy Will. He was incredibly joyful and had a great time playing and laughing and pestering the dogs (including Icy and Krebs, for a couple nights). He added several new gestures to his repetoire. Now, in addition to pointing for what he wants or is interested in, he also holds out his hand palm up and closes his fingers--probably because he sees us do this to him a lot ("Give me the remote, Will." "Come here, Will."). It's really cute.

Saturday we attended Ian Grant's first birthday party, which was out at the zoo. Will was pretty quiet during the party part (although he did think Mama wearing a monkey mask was hi-larious), but he seemed to have a good time overall. We went to the new children's zoo with the Grants where Will got to pet the goats and see some pigs and sheep. We considered taking him in to see the lorikeets, but decided we had better head on home as Will was coming up against the Great Wall of Nap and we needed to straighten up the house because Saturday was also Rachel's prom night!

When we got home, Will was zonked (in his new carseat, courtesy of Annie!), so we left him in the car while we ran around vaccuuming and mowing. Sister arrived earlier than expected because she was having big makeup drama. Her friend who was doing her makeup flaked out on her, so Rachel had to rearrange all of her plans to get to her final meeting place earlier than originally planned. However, even without makeup on, she looked beautiful in her perfectly fitted dress! She let us take a few pictures of her and her "gentleman caller," Jimmy, and then they were off. Hopefully they had a good time--we haven't heard otherwise yet!

Will ended up sleeping almost 3 hours in the car. He got up and ran around a couple of hours, but fell back asleep much sooner than expected. By that point, we were growing suspicious........and sure enough, when he woke up, I took his temp, which was over 100. We stayed home from church, and so far, although he hasn't been running a fever so far, he clearly doesn't feel good. He's once again crying A LOT and doesn't want to do anything except be held by me. Sigh.... I'm just wondering how normal it is for a baby to be sick every other week? It seems excessive to me...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New First

With some of the money Granny and Papa Weaver gave Will for his birthday, we bought him two little training potties. When I pulled them out of the Amazon box, Will immediately grabbed the littlest one and plopped down on it (backwards). His feet still don't quite touch the ground on the little froggy potty, so I'm glad we ordered him the infant Baby Bjorn as well.

Tonight when he woke up from his afternoon nap, I took of his diaper and put him on the potty, and he peed! He got lots of applause from Daddy and Sister, which he always enjoys. He was quite proud of himself. I'm hoping we'll be able to get lots of repeat performances! It was nice to be able to put his diaper back on him, clean!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, it has been a busy week, despite being only a 4-day work week for me. Thursday night Rachel was inducted into National Honor Society, which we all attended. Will did pretty well, though I did have to take him out during the speaker's talk. He had a good time climbing up the stairs, and then almost giving Mommy a heart attack when she looked up from the program to see him peering over the downward flight of stairs several yards away. He was excited to see his sissy in the line of older kids. He was not super chirpy that night, and then Friday when he came home from daycare, he had a pretty bad diaper rash (not even a day after I bragged to Aunt Rachel that we had not had one speck of rash trouble with our cloth diapers!), which I discovered were actually blisters on his bottom. He has been having lots of naked time to get it aired out, along with lots of fitteds and no covers and A&D. It seems to be helping, as it is looking much better today. We think the blisters were caused him him sitting in a "strawberry-infused" (acidic) poop. Guess I won't be sharing any more strawberries with him till he's older!

Saturday, after seeing Granny for a couple hours and Papa Weaver for a few minutes, Will and I went to Corbyn Eccles birthday party. Will did very well there (no tears or whining at all), and seemed to have a great time running around the yard and playing with Corbyn's toys inside. I got to catch up with John and Jeanette, so it was a win for both of us. I didn't think Will was feeling great before we went though, and even debated on whether we should go, but since he wasn't feverish, I figured it was just teething that had him down (I discovered a new one coming in on the front bottom). But after we got back from the party, he was running a low fever. Sunday morning his fever was back, so we didn't go to church. He has been grumpy and sleepy all day, and I've made up my mind to call the pediatrician tomorrow morning. I think he's got another ear infection.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One-Year Appointment

After a very long morning of "momming" around--running errands--with Will, he and I went to visit Daddy at his office (I had the day off for post-Easter break) to show Will off and then go to lunch. We went from there to the doctor's office for Will's one-year well baby checkup. His stats were

Weight: 17 lbs, 4 oz.
Height: 27 1/4 inches
Head Circumference: 45 cm

That translates to less than the 5% for height and weight, and 25% for his head size. As the nurse said, "At least his brains are growing."

After the nurse left us, Will tried to tear the room apart while we waited for the doctor. I showed him how to push around the rolling chair in an attempt to get him to leave the trashcan alone (which I eventually sat up on a chair to get it out of reach). He was a frantically busy boy.

Dr. Thompson didn't have any great revelations for us. He declared that Will looked healthy and energetic, and that he was either going to be a small kid or he would start to catch up (hmmm....well, I guess those would be the options, wouldn't they???). I glimpsed that Dr. Thompson wrote "playful" in his notes about Will. The doctor did give us the go-ahead to try out nuts carefully. I told him that Will's reflux has been acting up again--with him spitting up quite a bit almost every day again. As I suspected, Dr. Thompson said he would let Dr. Steele--the GI--make any calls about changing his reflux meds. I was hoping he would have outgrown them by this point, but it seems not to be. The only worry that might be is that Will does not have many words yet--Mama is the only solid one; we've heard Da-da once, as well as d-d-d-d for the dogs, and Buh for bye. Apparently they expect 2-3 besides Mama and Dada. Dr. Thompson said as long as he seemed to be understanding what we were saying (which he does), then all is likely fine. He said it's not unusual for boys to be a bit later with their talking . . . Bil was reportedly an early talker (like 9 months), but I was later--not till 18 months. My mom is unclear on whether I didn't have any words at all or just nothing impressive, but apparently she did not consider me to be talking until I went to stay with Granny and Grandpa Smith by myself at 18 months, and Granny called and told her I was speaking in sentences, which turned out to be the truth and not a grandmotherly exaggeration.

After Dr. Thompson left, the good part of the appointment was over, and the nurse came back to administer THREE vaccines (all shots--yuck!). Poor little guy. Instead of getting to nurse him while he was getting them, she had me hold him down on the exam table. He howled, of course, and clung like a spider monkey to my neck.

We also had to go to the lab for him to give some blood to test for lead and anemia. He was very good in the waiting room--charming the old men who were in for their diabetes testing. Will hardly cried at all when his finger got stabbed and milked for two little vials of blood. He was quite offended at the cotton fluff and tape that the phlebotomist put on his finger afterwords, and complained loudly about it till we were out of the parking garage, which is when he crashed.

When we got home, I left him sleeping in the car, and then Rachel came over to keep him so that Bil and I could go out for our anniversary. We had a very nice, peaceful outing, and Rachel said Will was in an extremely good mood, but also crashed as soon as she fed him. She also made the discovery that some of the weird waving up against his face that Will does when no one is leaving is his version of the milk sign, which we had totally been missing. Poor little guy was trying to tell us what he wanted, and we were too dumb to understand! After we got home, and Will woke up, I saw him doing the sign and asked him if he wanted some milk. He got really happy and excited, and then when I handed him the sippy cup Rachel had fixed for him earlier, he reacted with dejected anger, refusing even to hold the cup (usually even if he doesn't drink from a cup, he enjoys fiddling with them). Apparently he wanted his milk from Mama, not a sippy!

Birthday Bash

We had a ducky-themed party for Will's first birthday. Aunt Rachel kindly supplied us with adorable ducky cupcakes and small cake for Will. Most of the family was able to attend--even Uncle Jimmie, Aunt Rachel, and Ella flew down from Lawrence!
Annie, Jacob, and Grayson were there, along with Granny & Papa Weaver, Aunt Jana and Uncle Brad, and Lindy and Corbyn Eccles. Of course, Rachel was over for the weekend as well. Grandpa Bill and Martha even put in a surprise appearance!

I was worried that Will would be overwhelmed with all of the people and/or have a missing-nap meltdown. Fortunately, those fears turned out to be unfounded, and he was very well-behaved and charming almost all day (when Jana and Brad left around 7-8 p.m., he was very tired and got pretty fussy (turned out he also had a full, dirty diaper that was probably uncomfortable).
He was a very polite cake-eater; he pretty much only tasted the fondant icing. He also was fortunate to have Cousin Ella there to help him open presents since he wasn't very interested in opening them when the time came (although he did do some illegal, advance opening). Rachel's present to Will--a recycling truck--was the hit of the party with the kiddie set. Will did some good parallel play with Corbyn and Ella.

Thankfully we had a lot of help in getting the house ready for having company. Annie loaned us her carpet steamer and her steamer Shark. Both of them were very useful to us! Granny Weaver helped me clean the house on Friday and Saturday morning. We wouldn't have been ready without all of that help! Thank you!

Ella was very patient with her cousin.
Will cleaned up in the present-department. Pictured here: Annie's check!
Some fun parallel play with Corbyn and the folding chair.
I don't know what was going on here exactly, but Will enjoyed it!
Good times with Papa!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Upwardly Mobile

Well, the walking bug has finally bitten Will. He has been taking a few tentative steps away from furniture for weeks now. Two days last week, different teachers at daycare asked if he had been walking at home because he was starting to do it there. Toward the weekend, he started attempting further treks--say across the living room. Sunday he successfully crossed the living room diagonally. Today, Tuesday, he has been walking all over the place. It's like something just clicked for him! He's still not fabulous at it; he's still falling a lot. But now, instead of that discouraging him, he gets right back up and tries again. And again. Perhaps coincidentally, he also just broke his newest tooth--his eighth (and maybe ninth too? He won't let me investigate. For some reason, he doesn't enjoy me poking my fingers into his mouth and feeling around. Can't imagine why!).

As a side note, since we're having some beautiful weather (mid-70s and -80s!), we stopped at the park on the way home yesterday. Will wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do, but he got a big kick out of the experience. He went down the slide and swung on the swings.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Learning to Count with Will

On Thursday, nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I was exasperated with the sheer number of baby-policing actions I had to take.

1: the number of ceramic water bowls Will broke
2: the number of drinks Will spilled on the carpet (1 tea, 1 juice--both stained)
3: the number of dog food kibbles fished out of Will's mouth (after I thought the food was already put safely away)
4: the number of times I pulled Will out from behind the stereo
5: the number of wipes Will threw on the floor while having his diaper changed (I use dry wipes to prevent getting peed on)
6: the number of dollars a PVC-, phthlate-, BPA-free rubber ducky costs (Bob the Duck--for Will's birthday)
7: the number of times Will scaled the loveseat by himself
8: the number of times Will had to switch sides during the night (requiring a wake-up from me)
9: the number of times Yossie licked Will in the face and made him cry
10: the number of giggles Will brings me when he's happy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Funnest Game Ever

Tonight Will was hovering around the hearth with its uncovered corner pointing dangerously out at him, so Bil found the baby-proofing corner thing that we put on it when he started pulling up (and which Will pulled off soon thereafter, despite repeated re-stickings) and put it back on the corner. Will kept going for it and pulling it off, with Bil grabbing Will before he could get to it or taking the corner from him and resticking it.

They finish playing, and Will takes a little milk-break, so about 30 minutes from Will's initial fiddling with the corner, he heads back over to the corner, stands up, and very pointedly looks around at Bil, sitting on the loveseat, and hovers with his hand juuuuuust above the corner. When he sees that he has Bil's attention, he giggles maniacally and rips the corner off. Sigh...... Best. Game. Ever. (in Will's eyes). When he brains himself, none of us are going to think it's so funny.

Spring Break

Bil, Will, and I went to Duncan to visit Granny and Papa Weaver the first weekend in Spring Break. Bil and I helped work on cleaning up some of the many, many huge tree limbs that had broken off during the big ice storm at the end of January. We worked for a couple of hours solidly, and just barely got one little area cleaned up so that Granny could try to revive her strawberries underneath. Will got to ride around on the lawn mower with Grandpa and help pull the tractor. He seemed to enjoy himself quite a bit, though, with very little crying in spite of the fact that Mommy was in view most of the time and yet not holding him.

Besides getting about 1/4 of a rick of fire wood for free, we had a nice visit and got to go to church and show Will off to the Duncan folks. Bil went home Sunday afternoon (relieving Rachel of dog duty), and Will and I stayed through Tuesday. Aunt Jana came down Sunday evening and took us back with her. On Monday we took Will up to Halliburton to let Grandpa show him off (although he claimed it was Mommy wanting to show him off.......). Will showed little interest in chemistry, but much interest in the safety equipment.

Will practiced his walking skills quite a bit while he was there, and also learned to like Taulbee, Jana's puppy, a little bit. The other times he had been around her, he was terrified and cried when she approached him (in his defense, she did jump on his back, so his dislike was well founded). But, at Granny and Papa's, he gradually decided she wasn't too bad a playmate, and they shared similar tastes in toys.

All in all, it was a very fine long weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ear Infections Forever

Well, Will's weekend of grumpiness was explained on Tuesday morning when I took him in for an appointment with the nurse practitioner. He is the proud owner of a double ear infection. I don't know if the one he had a couple weeks ago ever cleared up or if this is a new set. It's very frustrating, though, that he just never seems to feel very good for more than a couple days at a time (if we're lucky). The nurse at first suggested that she needed to refer us to an ENT, but then she went back and counted his ear infections up and decided that he had one more "freebie" before they would refer us. So, hopefully this will be his last one. (As an aside, he finally broke 17

We don't want to have to do tubes. However, I have wondered if his constant sickness and ear infections are keeping him from hitting that next big milestone--walking. I really thought he would be walking by January since he's been pulling up and cruising since he was 6-7 months. Here it is March, and he is only willing to take a few shaky steps at a time.

Last night, though, when he was feeling better after having had antibiotics and a nice nap, he took about 8 steps on his own, walking from his little standup toy over to the loveseat. Also, after working really hard at it for several minutes, he managed to climb from the floor up my arm of the loveseat and onto it. It required some pretty good maneuvering to do it, but he conquered finally.

It is always amazing to us the difference in his personality when he suddenly starts feeling better after being sick. He was clingy and grumpy and not much fun all weekend, and then yesterday evening after one dose of meds, he was speeding around the living room getting into all sorts of trouble and having a good time. It's nice to see (and makes me so frustrated at all the time he spends not feeling well).

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nothing of Interest, Just a New Camera

I really have nothing of interest to post. After a long hiatus of.......oh, five days or so, sickness has returned to our house. Last night, Will woke up for the second night in a row around 3:30 crying, which I couldn't get him to quit no matter how many times I rolled over and let him try the opposite boob. Finally, when Bil growled, "Will, stop crying!" (side note: Bil claims to have no recollection of his middle-of-the-night grouchiness), I decided it was time to try something else, so we got out of bed. I took his temp, and sure enough, it was 101.5. I doped him with Motrin and eventually rocked him back to sleep. I was forced to watch Suzie Orman (denied, denied, denied, everyone denied) since there is nothing on basic cable at 4 in the morning, in case you were wondering. I know it's really bad, but I am always thankful that we put that TV in the nursery. It's not like Will ever watches it, and it sure is nice for me when I have to spend 45 minutes putting him to sleep.

Anyway, Bil is suffering from an intestinal complaint, and Will has been the whiniest baby ever, although he hasn't been running a fever. He is very tired but is having a terrible time staying asleep and wakes up from a dead sleep screaming, so I assume something is hurting. He is also sporting his first big bump. He fell into the loveseat arm and bonked his head good. He has a nasty bruise/bump combo going on.

The main reason for this post is to upload pics from my new little point and shoot I got while the Rebel is being fixed/replaced. The new camera is tiny and adorable and shoots movies as well; I hope to take it with me much more often than I do the Rebel and get some shots I would otherwise miss.

Since we finally had some nice weather this week, Will got to enjoy his new swing!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today Will and I got to hang out with Stephanie and little Ian. We went to check out OKC's new (and only) cloth diapering store--The Green Bambino. It was very cool to see all the cloth diapers and accessories in person. If you are a toucher-feeler like me, it makes it much easier to pick the products you want. I was already familiar with most of their diapers, but it was great to see the various diaper rash creams, etc. in person. I will definitely be back when I run out of something! I also got suck pads for the Ergo, which I have been thinking about since I first got it and realized why they would be useful, and a super-cute Happy Heinys diaper, one of the only pocket brands I have yet to try. I'm sure the girls at daycare will like it because it's a cute print, but also velcro.

After thoroughly going over the Bambino's inventory, we went to Cuppies & Joe. We discovered a back room that was perfect for the boys to get down and play in. There was a coffee table that they had a wonderful time banging on, and then the rest of the room was filled with chairs and tables that made for excellent cruising. It was really fun to see Will interact with a baby so close to his own age (they are 3 weeks apart). They definitely enjoy the same activities.

My Digital Rebel is on the blink (finally got it sent off to the repair facility this week), and I am awaiting the point-and-shoot I finally broke down and bought so I'll have a little camera to carry in my purse, so I don't have any pics from our playdate. This pic is from the first time we got the boys together back in January.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Of Annies and Grannies

I just want to say thanks to Will's Annie and his Granny who both have done so much to help us along this year when he or I have been sick. We couldn't have made it through this first eleven months without their help!!

Annie has been willing to come over with as little as 15 minutes' notice to keep a crying, sick Will on several occassions this semester and last, and Granny Weaver dropped everything for almost a week to come take care of Mama and Will when Mama was dying of pneumonia (OK, maybe not dying, but feeling really, really bad). We appreciate that both of them have busy, full lives and aren't sitting around just waiting to be called upon, so we are very thankful that they are willing to help us out! We love you!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will It Never End???

I hate daycare. Not our particular daycare specifically, but all of them. Apparently they are just one disgusting petri dish of nastiness. Other than his reflux, Will wasn't sick at all in his first four months. Once he started daycare, though, the viruses have come on strong and aplenty.

Sigh.... Will was sick last Friday with a high fever, and Annie was nice enough to come over and watch him. Rachel wasn't feeling so good when she left the house on Sunday, and then spiked a fever herself on Monday. Will seemed to be feeling somewhat better after the weekend, though he's still coughing, so I had been sending him to daycare, and then I started feeling absolutely awful on Thursday. After a weekend of misery, I decided I couldn't wait till Monday to try and see a regular doctor, so I went an urgent care clinic. Turns out I have pneumonia.....who would have guessed. Now I am feeling pretty bad about not having taken Will to the doctor yet (he seemed to be getting better--I promise!), and will assuage my guilt by taking him tomorrow. Hopefully the antibiotics will have kicked in by then. Granny Weaver is coming up to help take care of us.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Days

Will, Bil, and I all got to stay home Thursday and Friday (well, Bil went to work, but came home early) because of the ice storm that was predicted to come through. Apparently the Christmas Eve snow storm put the fear of God (or snow) into everyone around here. I couldn't believe that SNU canceled classes before the storm had even hit. But, I was thankful nonetheless.

Will was delightful all day Thursday, after having a terrible night when he was not so delightful. Bil and I keep wondering who kidnapped our fussy, cranky little whiner who just wanted to be held constantly and replaced him with this happy, busy little boy with a ravenous appetite. I haven't verified this with scales, but I am certain that Will has more than regained the weight he lost during the great stomach virus of January '10.

(I forgot to update after his 9 months well baby appointment, but he was 15 lbs, 3 oz, 26 1/4" long, and his head was 44 cm. He "fell off" his growth curve, which they weren't thrilled about, but the doctor said it was understandable given that he had been sick for most of the last month. I was really bothered by the fact that he had lost over a pound since he had been to see the nurse just a week prior. He looked fine other than the weight issue. The doctor gave him a prescription for vitamins with fluoride, since Will doesn't drink any water yet.)

It's nice to get to kick back and enjoy being at home with my boys. We are currently waiting on Granny and Papa Weaver, who are trying to make it back up here. They spent the night on Wednesday night because Papa had doctors appointments on Thursday morning. I tried unsuccessfully to convince them that they should just stay for the weekned, and they drove home before the storm got bad. However, they lost power soon after getting to Duncan, and this morning called to see if we had power and said they were going to try to get back up here. The turnpike turned out to be closed in Chickasha, so they are now trying to make their way up highway 81.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Lost Weekend. . .

Or, How to Lose 10 Pounds in 24 Hours.

Last weekend, our first weekend after school started and during which we didn't have any big plans, was supposed to be our "catch-up/rest-up" before getting into the swing of things with school and going back to work, etc. Well......when I picked Will up, one of the day care ladies was cleaning herself up from a poo-splosion Will had just had on her. I chalked it up to those nasty antibiotics he had been taking since Monday.

A couple hours after he got home, though, I started feeling not so good. By the time Bil got home, I was downright nauseous, and soon I was laying on the couch moaning and asked Bil to bring me the trash can. He said something about "Shouldn't you be laying in the bathroom if you're sick" (obviously he hasn't taken a close look at the bathroom floor lately), so I withdrew my miserable self to the bedroom. I threw up not long after (in the trash can--so much cleaner than the toilet!), and the long weekend of misery was off and running. Bil brought Will to bed around 9 or 10. All he had wanted to do all evening was nurse, and it turned out to be a good thing since I was in no shape to get out of bed and do anything else with him, and soon, neither was Bil. I had terrible chills, aches, and nausea, and wasn't able to go to sleep except sporadically during the night. So, I was still awake around 1 when Bil jumped out of bed and ran for the bathroom. Apparently there was about a 6 hour-lag time between all of our incubation of the virus of doom. Nausea gave way to bouts of diarrhea, which lasted several days longer.

Thankfully Bil and I felt good enough to resume eating by Sunday evening, but Will has been on a diet of almost solely breastmilk for almost a week now. It worked out OK for me, since I finally saw my prepregnancy weight again, but at Will's well baby appointment on Wednesday, he weighed over a pound less than he did two weeks ago. Down is not the direction you want to go when you are already hanging precariously in the 3rd percentile on the growth curve. The doctor said it was understandable that Will would be losing since he's been sick for almost a solid month now, but obviously, it was not exactly a comforting statistic. Hopefully he will be feeling better very soon!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Years Tidbits

No resolutions here, just some updates. I know I've said it before, but it seems like Will changes daily:

  • Last week, he said what Bil and I both agreed to officially name as his first word spoken with intent: a very pathetic "maaaa . . . . ma" when he was crying to be picked up by me from the side of the loveseat. He's said it before a couple of times when I thought he might be doing it intentionally (Rachel can vouch), but it seemed clear to both of us that he was definitely trying to get me to do something for him and using the correct word.
  • Last weekend, spiked his first high fever of 102.5 (UNDER HIS ARMPIT!!! minor internal freakout) which stayed up consistently during Weaver Christmas, making for a grumpy and lethargic baby. Poor guy. When I took him in Monday, the nurse found he still had his ear infection from before Christmas. He got heavier duty antibiotics (Augmentin) and probiotics to ward off the icky side effects. I was afraid he was having an allergic reaction to the Augmentin, but the on call nurse talked me off that ledge and since then the rash has subsided mostly. Now we've decided it's a dry/chapped skin thing. He's not had a very good week, still not feeling very well.
  • Shares food with people (including Mama, Daddy, Kona, and Annie) since last week.
  • Continues to find that Yossie does not share his food (got snapped at for the millionth time this morning).
  • Pincer grasp is getting quite precise. He can reliably pick up and feed himself single pieces of cereal (and he spends quite some time chasing pieces of banana on the plate in order to pick it up with his fingertips instead of his fist).
  • Had first playdate, with Ian Grant, the baby of a colleague from SNU. Ian is 20 days younger than Will, so it was interesting to see their similarities and differences. Ian is only in the 50th % for his age, but he looks gigantic to me! Will was very jealous of his hair.
  • Received a Sophie the Giraffe with Christmas money. At last week's playdate, Will really seemed to like Ian's Sophie, and I'd seen her on many Top Toy lists, so I plunked down the $15(! on sale!) for her. I am happy to report that she was totally worth it. He loves her. Apparently she's the perfect texture for chewing and the neck and legs provide many gripping options. He actually carries her around (something he hasn't done with any other toys--except balls).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Part III: Festivus in Texavus

After our whirlwind trip to Georgia, we left from Dublin on Saturday night for Dallas. We thought Will would travel better at night; we thought wrong. Turns out he's a fan of being able to see what's going on. This leg of the trip was even worse than going out to Georgia. Bil drove the entire way this time, and we made it to Dallas (actually Lucas, TX) around 10 a.m. We were all very, very happy to get out the car for a while. However, by this point, Bil and I were feeling pretty awful as Will's illness was fully upon us. (Hopefully we didn't share the sickness with everybody on that side of the family....)

We had the Yount family Christmas after lunch; Will received a musical shape sorter from Annie, a busy ball helicopter (with lights and music!) from Uncle Tony and Aunt Jill, and a silly monkey balance ball from Uncle Kirby and Uncle Rick. Hannah and Aaron also shared a bunch of their outgrown baby toys with Will, so he is very well stocked in the toy department now!

Although we were exhausted, it was really nice for everyone to get to spend extra time together since we all spent the night at Tony and Jill's house. Rachel always enjoys spending time with her cousins, and she took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping with them. We all appreciated Aunt Jill's cooking for us and making us feel welcome!