Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Part III: Festivus in Texavus

After our whirlwind trip to Georgia, we left from Dublin on Saturday night for Dallas. We thought Will would travel better at night; we thought wrong. Turns out he's a fan of being able to see what's going on. This leg of the trip was even worse than going out to Georgia. Bil drove the entire way this time, and we made it to Dallas (actually Lucas, TX) around 10 a.m. We were all very, very happy to get out the car for a while. However, by this point, Bil and I were feeling pretty awful as Will's illness was fully upon us. (Hopefully we didn't share the sickness with everybody on that side of the family....)

We had the Yount family Christmas after lunch; Will received a musical shape sorter from Annie, a busy ball helicopter (with lights and music!) from Uncle Tony and Aunt Jill, and a silly monkey balance ball from Uncle Kirby and Uncle Rick. Hannah and Aaron also shared a bunch of their outgrown baby toys with Will, so he is very well stocked in the toy department now!

Although we were exhausted, it was really nice for everyone to get to spend extra time together since we all spent the night at Tony and Jill's house. Rachel always enjoys spending time with her cousins, and she took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping with them. We all appreciated Aunt Jill's cooking for us and making us feel welcome!

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