Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Years Tidbits

No resolutions here, just some updates. I know I've said it before, but it seems like Will changes daily:

  • Last week, he said what Bil and I both agreed to officially name as his first word spoken with intent: a very pathetic "maaaa . . . . ma" when he was crying to be picked up by me from the side of the loveseat. He's said it before a couple of times when I thought he might be doing it intentionally (Rachel can vouch), but it seemed clear to both of us that he was definitely trying to get me to do something for him and using the correct word.
  • Last weekend, spiked his first high fever of 102.5 (UNDER HIS ARMPIT!!! minor internal freakout) which stayed up consistently during Weaver Christmas, making for a grumpy and lethargic baby. Poor guy. When I took him in Monday, the nurse found he still had his ear infection from before Christmas. He got heavier duty antibiotics (Augmentin) and probiotics to ward off the icky side effects. I was afraid he was having an allergic reaction to the Augmentin, but the on call nurse talked me off that ledge and since then the rash has subsided mostly. Now we've decided it's a dry/chapped skin thing. He's not had a very good week, still not feeling very well.
  • Shares food with people (including Mama, Daddy, Kona, and Annie) since last week.
  • Continues to find that Yossie does not share his food (got snapped at for the millionth time this morning).
  • Pincer grasp is getting quite precise. He can reliably pick up and feed himself single pieces of cereal (and he spends quite some time chasing pieces of banana on the plate in order to pick it up with his fingertips instead of his fist).
  • Had first playdate, with Ian Grant, the baby of a colleague from SNU. Ian is 20 days younger than Will, so it was interesting to see their similarities and differences. Ian is only in the 50th % for his age, but he looks gigantic to me! Will was very jealous of his hair.
  • Received a Sophie the Giraffe with Christmas money. At last week's playdate, Will really seemed to like Ian's Sophie, and I'd seen her on many Top Toy lists, so I plunked down the $15(! on sale!) for her. I am happy to report that she was totally worth it. He loves her. Apparently she's the perfect texture for chewing and the neck and legs provide many gripping options. He actually carries her around (something he hasn't done with any other toys--except balls).

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