Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Days

Will, Bil, and I all got to stay home Thursday and Friday (well, Bil went to work, but came home early) because of the ice storm that was predicted to come through. Apparently the Christmas Eve snow storm put the fear of God (or snow) into everyone around here. I couldn't believe that SNU canceled classes before the storm had even hit. But, I was thankful nonetheless.

Will was delightful all day Thursday, after having a terrible night when he was not so delightful. Bil and I keep wondering who kidnapped our fussy, cranky little whiner who just wanted to be held constantly and replaced him with this happy, busy little boy with a ravenous appetite. I haven't verified this with scales, but I am certain that Will has more than regained the weight he lost during the great stomach virus of January '10.

(I forgot to update after his 9 months well baby appointment, but he was 15 lbs, 3 oz, 26 1/4" long, and his head was 44 cm. He "fell off" his growth curve, which they weren't thrilled about, but the doctor said it was understandable given that he had been sick for most of the last month. I was really bothered by the fact that he had lost over a pound since he had been to see the nurse just a week prior. He looked fine other than the weight issue. The doctor gave him a prescription for vitamins with fluoride, since Will doesn't drink any water yet.)

It's nice to get to kick back and enjoy being at home with my boys. We are currently waiting on Granny and Papa Weaver, who are trying to make it back up here. They spent the night on Wednesday night because Papa had doctors appointments on Thursday morning. I tried unsuccessfully to convince them that they should just stay for the weekned, and they drove home before the storm got bad. However, they lost power soon after getting to Duncan, and this morning called to see if we had power and said they were going to try to get back up here. The turnpike turned out to be closed in Chickasha, so they are now trying to make their way up highway 81.

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  1. And how is your house guest behaving?
    Houston is fine but, unfortunately, not as warm as predicted. It has been raining all day, but the sun just came out!