Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will It Never End???

I hate daycare. Not our particular daycare specifically, but all of them. Apparently they are just one disgusting petri dish of nastiness. Other than his reflux, Will wasn't sick at all in his first four months. Once he started daycare, though, the viruses have come on strong and aplenty.

Sigh.... Will was sick last Friday with a high fever, and Annie was nice enough to come over and watch him. Rachel wasn't feeling so good when she left the house on Sunday, and then spiked a fever herself on Monday. Will seemed to be feeling somewhat better after the weekend, though he's still coughing, so I had been sending him to daycare, and then I started feeling absolutely awful on Thursday. After a weekend of misery, I decided I couldn't wait till Monday to try and see a regular doctor, so I went an urgent care clinic. Turns out I have pneumonia.....who would have guessed. Now I am feeling pretty bad about not having taken Will to the doctor yet (he seemed to be getting better--I promise!), and will assuage my guilt by taking him tomorrow. Hopefully the antibiotics will have kicked in by then. Granny Weaver is coming up to help take care of us.

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