Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Upwardly Mobile

Well, the walking bug has finally bitten Will. He has been taking a few tentative steps away from furniture for weeks now. Two days last week, different teachers at daycare asked if he had been walking at home because he was starting to do it there. Toward the weekend, he started attempting further treks--say across the living room. Sunday he successfully crossed the living room diagonally. Today, Tuesday, he has been walking all over the place. It's like something just clicked for him! He's still not fabulous at it; he's still falling a lot. But now, instead of that discouraging him, he gets right back up and tries again. And again. Perhaps coincidentally, he also just broke his newest tooth--his eighth (and maybe ninth too? He won't let me investigate. For some reason, he doesn't enjoy me poking my fingers into his mouth and feeling around. Can't imagine why!).

As a side note, since we're having some beautiful weather (mid-70s and -80s!), we stopped at the park on the way home yesterday. Will wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do, but he got a big kick out of the experience. He went down the slide and swung on the swings.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Learning to Count with Will

On Thursday, nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I was exasperated with the sheer number of baby-policing actions I had to take.

1: the number of ceramic water bowls Will broke
2: the number of drinks Will spilled on the carpet (1 tea, 1 juice--both stained)
3: the number of dog food kibbles fished out of Will's mouth (after I thought the food was already put safely away)
4: the number of times I pulled Will out from behind the stereo
5: the number of wipes Will threw on the floor while having his diaper changed (I use dry wipes to prevent getting peed on)
6: the number of dollars a PVC-, phthlate-, BPA-free rubber ducky costs (Bob the Duck--for Will's birthday)
7: the number of times Will scaled the loveseat by himself
8: the number of times Will had to switch sides during the night (requiring a wake-up from me)
9: the number of times Yossie licked Will in the face and made him cry
10: the number of giggles Will brings me when he's happy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Funnest Game Ever

Tonight Will was hovering around the hearth with its uncovered corner pointing dangerously out at him, so Bil found the baby-proofing corner thing that we put on it when he started pulling up (and which Will pulled off soon thereafter, despite repeated re-stickings) and put it back on the corner. Will kept going for it and pulling it off, with Bil grabbing Will before he could get to it or taking the corner from him and resticking it.

They finish playing, and Will takes a little milk-break, so about 30 minutes from Will's initial fiddling with the corner, he heads back over to the corner, stands up, and very pointedly looks around at Bil, sitting on the loveseat, and hovers with his hand juuuuuust above the corner. When he sees that he has Bil's attention, he giggles maniacally and rips the corner off. Sigh...... Best. Game. Ever. (in Will's eyes). When he brains himself, none of us are going to think it's so funny.

Spring Break

Bil, Will, and I went to Duncan to visit Granny and Papa Weaver the first weekend in Spring Break. Bil and I helped work on cleaning up some of the many, many huge tree limbs that had broken off during the big ice storm at the end of January. We worked for a couple of hours solidly, and just barely got one little area cleaned up so that Granny could try to revive her strawberries underneath. Will got to ride around on the lawn mower with Grandpa and help pull the tractor. He seemed to enjoy himself quite a bit, though, with very little crying in spite of the fact that Mommy was in view most of the time and yet not holding him.

Besides getting about 1/4 of a rick of fire wood for free, we had a nice visit and got to go to church and show Will off to the Duncan folks. Bil went home Sunday afternoon (relieving Rachel of dog duty), and Will and I stayed through Tuesday. Aunt Jana came down Sunday evening and took us back with her. On Monday we took Will up to Halliburton to let Grandpa show him off (although he claimed it was Mommy wanting to show him off.......). Will showed little interest in chemistry, but much interest in the safety equipment.

Will practiced his walking skills quite a bit while he was there, and also learned to like Taulbee, Jana's puppy, a little bit. The other times he had been around her, he was terrified and cried when she approached him (in his defense, she did jump on his back, so his dislike was well founded). But, at Granny and Papa's, he gradually decided she wasn't too bad a playmate, and they shared similar tastes in toys.

All in all, it was a very fine long weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ear Infections Forever

Well, Will's weekend of grumpiness was explained on Tuesday morning when I took him in for an appointment with the nurse practitioner. He is the proud owner of a double ear infection. I don't know if the one he had a couple weeks ago ever cleared up or if this is a new set. It's very frustrating, though, that he just never seems to feel very good for more than a couple days at a time (if we're lucky). The nurse at first suggested that she needed to refer us to an ENT, but then she went back and counted his ear infections up and decided that he had one more "freebie" before they would refer us. So, hopefully this will be his last one. (As an aside, he finally broke 17

We don't want to have to do tubes. However, I have wondered if his constant sickness and ear infections are keeping him from hitting that next big milestone--walking. I really thought he would be walking by January since he's been pulling up and cruising since he was 6-7 months. Here it is March, and he is only willing to take a few shaky steps at a time.

Last night, though, when he was feeling better after having had antibiotics and a nice nap, he took about 8 steps on his own, walking from his little standup toy over to the loveseat. Also, after working really hard at it for several minutes, he managed to climb from the floor up my arm of the loveseat and onto it. It required some pretty good maneuvering to do it, but he conquered finally.

It is always amazing to us the difference in his personality when he suddenly starts feeling better after being sick. He was clingy and grumpy and not much fun all weekend, and then yesterday evening after one dose of meds, he was speeding around the living room getting into all sorts of trouble and having a good time. It's nice to see (and makes me so frustrated at all the time he spends not feeling well).

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nothing of Interest, Just a New Camera

I really have nothing of interest to post. After a long hiatus of.......oh, five days or so, sickness has returned to our house. Last night, Will woke up for the second night in a row around 3:30 crying, which I couldn't get him to quit no matter how many times I rolled over and let him try the opposite boob. Finally, when Bil growled, "Will, stop crying!" (side note: Bil claims to have no recollection of his middle-of-the-night grouchiness), I decided it was time to try something else, so we got out of bed. I took his temp, and sure enough, it was 101.5. I doped him with Motrin and eventually rocked him back to sleep. I was forced to watch Suzie Orman (denied, denied, denied, everyone denied) since there is nothing on basic cable at 4 in the morning, in case you were wondering. I know it's really bad, but I am always thankful that we put that TV in the nursery. It's not like Will ever watches it, and it sure is nice for me when I have to spend 45 minutes putting him to sleep.

Anyway, Bil is suffering from an intestinal complaint, and Will has been the whiniest baby ever, although he hasn't been running a fever. He is very tired but is having a terrible time staying asleep and wakes up from a dead sleep screaming, so I assume something is hurting. He is also sporting his first big bump. He fell into the loveseat arm and bonked his head good. He has a nasty bruise/bump combo going on.

The main reason for this post is to upload pics from my new little point and shoot I got while the Rebel is being fixed/replaced. The new camera is tiny and adorable and shoots movies as well; I hope to take it with me much more often than I do the Rebel and get some shots I would otherwise miss.

Since we finally had some nice weather this week, Will got to enjoy his new swing!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today Will and I got to hang out with Stephanie and little Ian. We went to check out OKC's new (and only) cloth diapering store--The Green Bambino. It was very cool to see all the cloth diapers and accessories in person. If you are a toucher-feeler like me, it makes it much easier to pick the products you want. I was already familiar with most of their diapers, but it was great to see the various diaper rash creams, etc. in person. I will definitely be back when I run out of something! I also got suck pads for the Ergo, which I have been thinking about since I first got it and realized why they would be useful, and a super-cute Happy Heinys diaper, one of the only pocket brands I have yet to try. I'm sure the girls at daycare will like it because it's a cute print, but also velcro.

After thoroughly going over the Bambino's inventory, we went to Cuppies & Joe. We discovered a back room that was perfect for the boys to get down and play in. There was a coffee table that they had a wonderful time banging on, and then the rest of the room was filled with chairs and tables that made for excellent cruising. It was really fun to see Will interact with a baby so close to his own age (they are 3 weeks apart). They definitely enjoy the same activities.

My Digital Rebel is on the blink (finally got it sent off to the repair facility this week), and I am awaiting the point-and-shoot I finally broke down and bought so I'll have a little camera to carry in my purse, so I don't have any pics from our playdate. This pic is from the first time we got the boys together back in January.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Of Annies and Grannies

I just want to say thanks to Will's Annie and his Granny who both have done so much to help us along this year when he or I have been sick. We couldn't have made it through this first eleven months without their help!!

Annie has been willing to come over with as little as 15 minutes' notice to keep a crying, sick Will on several occassions this semester and last, and Granny Weaver dropped everything for almost a week to come take care of Mama and Will when Mama was dying of pneumonia (OK, maybe not dying, but feeling really, really bad). We appreciate that both of them have busy, full lives and aren't sitting around just waiting to be called upon, so we are very thankful that they are willing to help us out! We love you!!