Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ear Infections Forever

Well, Will's weekend of grumpiness was explained on Tuesday morning when I took him in for an appointment with the nurse practitioner. He is the proud owner of a double ear infection. I don't know if the one he had a couple weeks ago ever cleared up or if this is a new set. It's very frustrating, though, that he just never seems to feel very good for more than a couple days at a time (if we're lucky). The nurse at first suggested that she needed to refer us to an ENT, but then she went back and counted his ear infections up and decided that he had one more "freebie" before they would refer us. So, hopefully this will be his last one. (As an aside, he finally broke 17

We don't want to have to do tubes. However, I have wondered if his constant sickness and ear infections are keeping him from hitting that next big milestone--walking. I really thought he would be walking by January since he's been pulling up and cruising since he was 6-7 months. Here it is March, and he is only willing to take a few shaky steps at a time.

Last night, though, when he was feeling better after having had antibiotics and a nice nap, he took about 8 steps on his own, walking from his little standup toy over to the loveseat. Also, after working really hard at it for several minutes, he managed to climb from the floor up my arm of the loveseat and onto it. It required some pretty good maneuvering to do it, but he conquered finally.

It is always amazing to us the difference in his personality when he suddenly starts feeling better after being sick. He was clingy and grumpy and not much fun all weekend, and then yesterday evening after one dose of meds, he was speeding around the living room getting into all sorts of trouble and having a good time. It's nice to see (and makes me so frustrated at all the time he spends not feeling well).

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