Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today Will and I got to hang out with Stephanie and little Ian. We went to check out OKC's new (and only) cloth diapering store--The Green Bambino. It was very cool to see all the cloth diapers and accessories in person. If you are a toucher-feeler like me, it makes it much easier to pick the products you want. I was already familiar with most of their diapers, but it was great to see the various diaper rash creams, etc. in person. I will definitely be back when I run out of something! I also got suck pads for the Ergo, which I have been thinking about since I first got it and realized why they would be useful, and a super-cute Happy Heinys diaper, one of the only pocket brands I have yet to try. I'm sure the girls at daycare will like it because it's a cute print, but also velcro.

After thoroughly going over the Bambino's inventory, we went to Cuppies & Joe. We discovered a back room that was perfect for the boys to get down and play in. There was a coffee table that they had a wonderful time banging on, and then the rest of the room was filled with chairs and tables that made for excellent cruising. It was really fun to see Will interact with a baby so close to his own age (they are 3 weeks apart). They definitely enjoy the same activities.

My Digital Rebel is on the blink (finally got it sent off to the repair facility this week), and I am awaiting the point-and-shoot I finally broke down and bought so I'll have a little camera to carry in my purse, so I don't have any pics from our playdate. This pic is from the first time we got the boys together back in January.

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