Sunday, March 21, 2010

Learning to Count with Will

On Thursday, nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I was exasperated with the sheer number of baby-policing actions I had to take.

1: the number of ceramic water bowls Will broke
2: the number of drinks Will spilled on the carpet (1 tea, 1 juice--both stained)
3: the number of dog food kibbles fished out of Will's mouth (after I thought the food was already put safely away)
4: the number of times I pulled Will out from behind the stereo
5: the number of wipes Will threw on the floor while having his diaper changed (I use dry wipes to prevent getting peed on)
6: the number of dollars a PVC-, phthlate-, BPA-free rubber ducky costs (Bob the Duck--for Will's birthday)
7: the number of times Will scaled the loveseat by himself
8: the number of times Will had to switch sides during the night (requiring a wake-up from me)
9: the number of times Yossie licked Will in the face and made him cry
10: the number of giggles Will brings me when he's happy.

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