Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

Bil, Will, and I went to Duncan to visit Granny and Papa Weaver the first weekend in Spring Break. Bil and I helped work on cleaning up some of the many, many huge tree limbs that had broken off during the big ice storm at the end of January. We worked for a couple of hours solidly, and just barely got one little area cleaned up so that Granny could try to revive her strawberries underneath. Will got to ride around on the lawn mower with Grandpa and help pull the tractor. He seemed to enjoy himself quite a bit, though, with very little crying in spite of the fact that Mommy was in view most of the time and yet not holding him.

Besides getting about 1/4 of a rick of fire wood for free, we had a nice visit and got to go to church and show Will off to the Duncan folks. Bil went home Sunday afternoon (relieving Rachel of dog duty), and Will and I stayed through Tuesday. Aunt Jana came down Sunday evening and took us back with her. On Monday we took Will up to Halliburton to let Grandpa show him off (although he claimed it was Mommy wanting to show him off.......). Will showed little interest in chemistry, but much interest in the safety equipment.

Will practiced his walking skills quite a bit while he was there, and also learned to like Taulbee, Jana's puppy, a little bit. The other times he had been around her, he was terrified and cried when she approached him (in his defense, she did jump on his back, so his dislike was well founded). But, at Granny and Papa's, he gradually decided she wasn't too bad a playmate, and they shared similar tastes in toys.

All in all, it was a very fine long weekend!

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