Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Baaaack.........

Well, after an ear/sinus/eye infection two weeks ago, we got to enjoy last week with a healthy and happy Will. He was incredibly joyful and had a great time playing and laughing and pestering the dogs (including Icy and Krebs, for a couple nights). He added several new gestures to his repetoire. Now, in addition to pointing for what he wants or is interested in, he also holds out his hand palm up and closes his fingers--probably because he sees us do this to him a lot ("Give me the remote, Will." "Come here, Will."). It's really cute.

Saturday we attended Ian Grant's first birthday party, which was out at the zoo. Will was pretty quiet during the party part (although he did think Mama wearing a monkey mask was hi-larious), but he seemed to have a good time overall. We went to the new children's zoo with the Grants where Will got to pet the goats and see some pigs and sheep. We considered taking him in to see the lorikeets, but decided we had better head on home as Will was coming up against the Great Wall of Nap and we needed to straighten up the house because Saturday was also Rachel's prom night!

When we got home, Will was zonked (in his new carseat, courtesy of Annie!), so we left him in the car while we ran around vaccuuming and mowing. Sister arrived earlier than expected because she was having big makeup drama. Her friend who was doing her makeup flaked out on her, so Rachel had to rearrange all of her plans to get to her final meeting place earlier than originally planned. However, even without makeup on, she looked beautiful in her perfectly fitted dress! She let us take a few pictures of her and her "gentleman caller," Jimmy, and then they were off. Hopefully they had a good time--we haven't heard otherwise yet!

Will ended up sleeping almost 3 hours in the car. He got up and ran around a couple of hours, but fell back asleep much sooner than expected. By that point, we were growing suspicious........and sure enough, when he woke up, I took his temp, which was over 100. We stayed home from church, and so far, although he hasn't been running a fever so far, he clearly doesn't feel good. He's once again crying A LOT and doesn't want to do anything except be held by me. Sigh.... I'm just wondering how normal it is for a baby to be sick every other week? It seems excessive to me...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New First

With some of the money Granny and Papa Weaver gave Will for his birthday, we bought him two little training potties. When I pulled them out of the Amazon box, Will immediately grabbed the littlest one and plopped down on it (backwards). His feet still don't quite touch the ground on the little froggy potty, so I'm glad we ordered him the infant Baby Bjorn as well.

Tonight when he woke up from his afternoon nap, I took of his diaper and put him on the potty, and he peed! He got lots of applause from Daddy and Sister, which he always enjoys. He was quite proud of himself. I'm hoping we'll be able to get lots of repeat performances! It was nice to be able to put his diaper back on him, clean!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, it has been a busy week, despite being only a 4-day work week for me. Thursday night Rachel was inducted into National Honor Society, which we all attended. Will did pretty well, though I did have to take him out during the speaker's talk. He had a good time climbing up the stairs, and then almost giving Mommy a heart attack when she looked up from the program to see him peering over the downward flight of stairs several yards away. He was excited to see his sissy in the line of older kids. He was not super chirpy that night, and then Friday when he came home from daycare, he had a pretty bad diaper rash (not even a day after I bragged to Aunt Rachel that we had not had one speck of rash trouble with our cloth diapers!), which I discovered were actually blisters on his bottom. He has been having lots of naked time to get it aired out, along with lots of fitteds and no covers and A&D. It seems to be helping, as it is looking much better today. We think the blisters were caused him him sitting in a "strawberry-infused" (acidic) poop. Guess I won't be sharing any more strawberries with him till he's older!

Saturday, after seeing Granny for a couple hours and Papa Weaver for a few minutes, Will and I went to Corbyn Eccles birthday party. Will did very well there (no tears or whining at all), and seemed to have a great time running around the yard and playing with Corbyn's toys inside. I got to catch up with John and Jeanette, so it was a win for both of us. I didn't think Will was feeling great before we went though, and even debated on whether we should go, but since he wasn't feverish, I figured it was just teething that had him down (I discovered a new one coming in on the front bottom). But after we got back from the party, he was running a low fever. Sunday morning his fever was back, so we didn't go to church. He has been grumpy and sleepy all day, and I've made up my mind to call the pediatrician tomorrow morning. I think he's got another ear infection.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One-Year Appointment

After a very long morning of "momming" around--running errands--with Will, he and I went to visit Daddy at his office (I had the day off for post-Easter break) to show Will off and then go to lunch. We went from there to the doctor's office for Will's one-year well baby checkup. His stats were

Weight: 17 lbs, 4 oz.
Height: 27 1/4 inches
Head Circumference: 45 cm

That translates to less than the 5% for height and weight, and 25% for his head size. As the nurse said, "At least his brains are growing."

After the nurse left us, Will tried to tear the room apart while we waited for the doctor. I showed him how to push around the rolling chair in an attempt to get him to leave the trashcan alone (which I eventually sat up on a chair to get it out of reach). He was a frantically busy boy.

Dr. Thompson didn't have any great revelations for us. He declared that Will looked healthy and energetic, and that he was either going to be a small kid or he would start to catch up (hmmm....well, I guess those would be the options, wouldn't they???). I glimpsed that Dr. Thompson wrote "playful" in his notes about Will. The doctor did give us the go-ahead to try out nuts carefully. I told him that Will's reflux has been acting up again--with him spitting up quite a bit almost every day again. As I suspected, Dr. Thompson said he would let Dr. Steele--the GI--make any calls about changing his reflux meds. I was hoping he would have outgrown them by this point, but it seems not to be. The only worry that might be is that Will does not have many words yet--Mama is the only solid one; we've heard Da-da once, as well as d-d-d-d for the dogs, and Buh for bye. Apparently they expect 2-3 besides Mama and Dada. Dr. Thompson said as long as he seemed to be understanding what we were saying (which he does), then all is likely fine. He said it's not unusual for boys to be a bit later with their talking . . . Bil was reportedly an early talker (like 9 months), but I was later--not till 18 months. My mom is unclear on whether I didn't have any words at all or just nothing impressive, but apparently she did not consider me to be talking until I went to stay with Granny and Grandpa Smith by myself at 18 months, and Granny called and told her I was speaking in sentences, which turned out to be the truth and not a grandmotherly exaggeration.

After Dr. Thompson left, the good part of the appointment was over, and the nurse came back to administer THREE vaccines (all shots--yuck!). Poor little guy. Instead of getting to nurse him while he was getting them, she had me hold him down on the exam table. He howled, of course, and clung like a spider monkey to my neck.

We also had to go to the lab for him to give some blood to test for lead and anemia. He was very good in the waiting room--charming the old men who were in for their diabetes testing. Will hardly cried at all when his finger got stabbed and milked for two little vials of blood. He was quite offended at the cotton fluff and tape that the phlebotomist put on his finger afterwords, and complained loudly about it till we were out of the parking garage, which is when he crashed.

When we got home, I left him sleeping in the car, and then Rachel came over to keep him so that Bil and I could go out for our anniversary. We had a very nice, peaceful outing, and Rachel said Will was in an extremely good mood, but also crashed as soon as she fed him. She also made the discovery that some of the weird waving up against his face that Will does when no one is leaving is his version of the milk sign, which we had totally been missing. Poor little guy was trying to tell us what he wanted, and we were too dumb to understand! After we got home, and Will woke up, I saw him doing the sign and asked him if he wanted some milk. He got really happy and excited, and then when I handed him the sippy cup Rachel had fixed for him earlier, he reacted with dejected anger, refusing even to hold the cup (usually even if he doesn't drink from a cup, he enjoys fiddling with them). Apparently he wanted his milk from Mama, not a sippy!

Birthday Bash

We had a ducky-themed party for Will's first birthday. Aunt Rachel kindly supplied us with adorable ducky cupcakes and small cake for Will. Most of the family was able to attend--even Uncle Jimmie, Aunt Rachel, and Ella flew down from Lawrence!
Annie, Jacob, and Grayson were there, along with Granny & Papa Weaver, Aunt Jana and Uncle Brad, and Lindy and Corbyn Eccles. Of course, Rachel was over for the weekend as well. Grandpa Bill and Martha even put in a surprise appearance!

I was worried that Will would be overwhelmed with all of the people and/or have a missing-nap meltdown. Fortunately, those fears turned out to be unfounded, and he was very well-behaved and charming almost all day (when Jana and Brad left around 7-8 p.m., he was very tired and got pretty fussy (turned out he also had a full, dirty diaper that was probably uncomfortable).
He was a very polite cake-eater; he pretty much only tasted the fondant icing. He also was fortunate to have Cousin Ella there to help him open presents since he wasn't very interested in opening them when the time came (although he did do some illegal, advance opening). Rachel's present to Will--a recycling truck--was the hit of the party with the kiddie set. Will did some good parallel play with Corbyn and Ella.

Thankfully we had a lot of help in getting the house ready for having company. Annie loaned us her carpet steamer and her steamer Shark. Both of them were very useful to us! Granny Weaver helped me clean the house on Friday and Saturday morning. We wouldn't have been ready without all of that help! Thank you!

Ella was very patient with her cousin.
Will cleaned up in the present-department. Pictured here: Annie's check!
Some fun parallel play with Corbyn and the folding chair.
I don't know what was going on here exactly, but Will enjoyed it!
Good times with Papa!