Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday Bash

We had a ducky-themed party for Will's first birthday. Aunt Rachel kindly supplied us with adorable ducky cupcakes and small cake for Will. Most of the family was able to attend--even Uncle Jimmie, Aunt Rachel, and Ella flew down from Lawrence!
Annie, Jacob, and Grayson were there, along with Granny & Papa Weaver, Aunt Jana and Uncle Brad, and Lindy and Corbyn Eccles. Of course, Rachel was over for the weekend as well. Grandpa Bill and Martha even put in a surprise appearance!

I was worried that Will would be overwhelmed with all of the people and/or have a missing-nap meltdown. Fortunately, those fears turned out to be unfounded, and he was very well-behaved and charming almost all day (when Jana and Brad left around 7-8 p.m., he was very tired and got pretty fussy (turned out he also had a full, dirty diaper that was probably uncomfortable).
He was a very polite cake-eater; he pretty much only tasted the fondant icing. He also was fortunate to have Cousin Ella there to help him open presents since he wasn't very interested in opening them when the time came (although he did do some illegal, advance opening). Rachel's present to Will--a recycling truck--was the hit of the party with the kiddie set. Will did some good parallel play with Corbyn and Ella.

Thankfully we had a lot of help in getting the house ready for having company. Annie loaned us her carpet steamer and her steamer Shark. Both of them were very useful to us! Granny Weaver helped me clean the house on Friday and Saturday morning. We wouldn't have been ready without all of that help! Thank you!

Ella was very patient with her cousin.
Will cleaned up in the present-department. Pictured here: Annie's check!
Some fun parallel play with Corbyn and the folding chair.
I don't know what was going on here exactly, but Will enjoyed it!
Good times with Papa!

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