Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Baaaack.........

Well, after an ear/sinus/eye infection two weeks ago, we got to enjoy last week with a healthy and happy Will. He was incredibly joyful and had a great time playing and laughing and pestering the dogs (including Icy and Krebs, for a couple nights). He added several new gestures to his repetoire. Now, in addition to pointing for what he wants or is interested in, he also holds out his hand palm up and closes his fingers--probably because he sees us do this to him a lot ("Give me the remote, Will." "Come here, Will."). It's really cute.

Saturday we attended Ian Grant's first birthday party, which was out at the zoo. Will was pretty quiet during the party part (although he did think Mama wearing a monkey mask was hi-larious), but he seemed to have a good time overall. We went to the new children's zoo with the Grants where Will got to pet the goats and see some pigs and sheep. We considered taking him in to see the lorikeets, but decided we had better head on home as Will was coming up against the Great Wall of Nap and we needed to straighten up the house because Saturday was also Rachel's prom night!

When we got home, Will was zonked (in his new carseat, courtesy of Annie!), so we left him in the car while we ran around vaccuuming and mowing. Sister arrived earlier than expected because she was having big makeup drama. Her friend who was doing her makeup flaked out on her, so Rachel had to rearrange all of her plans to get to her final meeting place earlier than originally planned. However, even without makeup on, she looked beautiful in her perfectly fitted dress! She let us take a few pictures of her and her "gentleman caller," Jimmy, and then they were off. Hopefully they had a good time--we haven't heard otherwise yet!

Will ended up sleeping almost 3 hours in the car. He got up and ran around a couple of hours, but fell back asleep much sooner than expected. By that point, we were growing suspicious........and sure enough, when he woke up, I took his temp, which was over 100. We stayed home from church, and so far, although he hasn't been running a fever so far, he clearly doesn't feel good. He's once again crying A LOT and doesn't want to do anything except be held by me. Sigh.... I'm just wondering how normal it is for a baby to be sick every other week? It seems excessive to me...

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