Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, it has been a busy week, despite being only a 4-day work week for me. Thursday night Rachel was inducted into National Honor Society, which we all attended. Will did pretty well, though I did have to take him out during the speaker's talk. He had a good time climbing up the stairs, and then almost giving Mommy a heart attack when she looked up from the program to see him peering over the downward flight of stairs several yards away. He was excited to see his sissy in the line of older kids. He was not super chirpy that night, and then Friday when he came home from daycare, he had a pretty bad diaper rash (not even a day after I bragged to Aunt Rachel that we had not had one speck of rash trouble with our cloth diapers!), which I discovered were actually blisters on his bottom. He has been having lots of naked time to get it aired out, along with lots of fitteds and no covers and A&D. It seems to be helping, as it is looking much better today. We think the blisters were caused him him sitting in a "strawberry-infused" (acidic) poop. Guess I won't be sharing any more strawberries with him till he's older!

Saturday, after seeing Granny for a couple hours and Papa Weaver for a few minutes, Will and I went to Corbyn Eccles birthday party. Will did very well there (no tears or whining at all), and seemed to have a great time running around the yard and playing with Corbyn's toys inside. I got to catch up with John and Jeanette, so it was a win for both of us. I didn't think Will was feeling great before we went though, and even debated on whether we should go, but since he wasn't feverish, I figured it was just teething that had him down (I discovered a new one coming in on the front bottom). But after we got back from the party, he was running a low fever. Sunday morning his fever was back, so we didn't go to church. He has been grumpy and sleepy all day, and I've made up my mind to call the pediatrician tomorrow morning. I think he's got another ear infection.

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