Monday, May 24, 2010

A Busy Month

So long with no updates . . . I'm really going to have to get better about updating even when busy because now that Will's First Year Calendar has run out, I don't have any place else to record all his little milestones (and numerous illnesses).

Let's see what's happened with us in the last month:

  • Attended Ian Grant's birthday party at the OKC Zoo toward the end of April. Will seemed to have a fine time (there was no crying from him). He got to ride around in his stroller, which he loves, and pet the goats at the newly redesigned Children's Zoo. The CZ is awesome! They have several play areas for the kids, a Lorakeets area, where birds will actually come and land on the kids, and of course, the traditional petting zoo. The whole big complex is designed to be really kid friendly. It was very nice. However . . . .
  • After getting home from the birthday party, Will was asleep in the car, so we left him out in the garage (car and house doors open, of course) while getting the house straightened up so that Rachel could come over to get dressed, take her pre-prom pictures, and meet up with her "gentleman caller," Jimmie. She looked gorgeous, though the same cannot be said for Jimmie's Flock-of-Seagulls hairdo, unfortunately.
  • Will slept for almost 3 hours in the car--an unheard of length for him. I was worried. By that night, he had developed a fever, and by Sunday, I had already determined he was going to the dr. first thing Monday.
  • I got out of bed late that morning (around 7:10), spent 4 or 5 minutes on hold with pedi's secretary, then made an appointment with Sherry, the Nurse Practitioner, for 7:45 since I figured I could probably make it to my 9 am class from that appointment. However, that left me 0 minutes to get ready to go since it takes at least 20 minutes of driving to get to the doctor's office. But, we made it. Will did, indeed, have an ear infection as well as a sinus infection. I dropped Will back at daycare, taught my two classes, and afterword discovered that my skirt was on backwards. Oops!
  • After dealing with that illness for about a week and a half, we had a nice respite while I wrapped up the semester (super-busy time as always).
  • We went to Lawrence for the last time to see Jimmie be hooded and to celebrate his graduation and Ella's 3rd birthday (early). It was good to see everybody, of course. We even got to see Sherry Norsworthy, my third cousin, who has twin girls just a couple of months younger than Will. I definitely think there's a family resemblance between them. I do not envy Jimmie & Rachel and the big move that they are about to make, but they are getting their house in great shape to sell!
  • While we were talking to Sherry in the kitchen at Jimmie & Rachel's, Will was running around under the table. It was just tall enough for him stand fully upright underneath the table, but there was a little lip around the edge, and every time Will would come up to the lip, he would bonk right into it. Over and over (and over) again, sometimes even falling completely down. He never did seem to figure it out.
  • We saw the crazy Kansas church group who protest at funerals and stuff. They were protesting commencement. We're not really sure why. But apparently the Jayhawk is gay. Who knew??
  • Will did very well on the trip, except for a couple of hours driving each way. Grandma Weaver was nice enough to ride in the backseat with him and somewhat make him happy and help him drift off to sleep. On Sunday morning, we ate breakfast with Grandpa Weaver's aunt & uncle, and after we finished eating, I let Will run around the ground floor of the hotel. He was so cute just zooming around. He got to climb up a full-size set of twisty stairs, which he quite enjoyed. A group of strangers commented on how adorable he was!
  • When we got back, Will seemed a bit fussy. But I chalked it up to the trip. Monday I went in and got some good grading done. I was so happy because I was on track to finish earlier than Friday. But when Monday evening came around, guess who had a fever? Yep.....
  • Tuesday was very very bad. Tuesday night was AWFUL. Wednesday we went to see Dr. Thompson who diagnosed a raging double ear infection. He prescribed a Z-pack and some ear drops for the pain. We also finally got the ENT referral. We have an appointment for June 2 with a Dr. Mark Wood.
  • Wednesday night was also a terrible, very bad, no good night. But we had to get up and go the next day because I had to teach the GRE class for the McNair program. Will went to his last official day of daycare.
  • I managed to finally finish up my grading on Friday morning, and Will was finally feeling better.
  • Saturday was Stephanie's wedding. Will was very good considering we were there all day long and he did not get enough attention from me. He was up very late because of the after-party at Jana & Brad's house, but he had a great time playing there. He thought his older cousins were big fun.
  • Sunday we went to say goodbye to Ella and all over breakfast. We also got lots of good food left over from the wedding Yummy!
  • Will's ears still seem to be bothering him, so we're going back to the NP this Thursday.
That pretty much catches us up to the present. I'll try to keep up better from now on.

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