Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Surpassing Cuteness

I say this all the time (at least since Will was 6 months old), but I truly don't see how he can get any cuter than he is right now. He is so adorable; he smiles all the time, and usually when he does, he can't just stop with a little grin. He gets his whole face into it, squinching up his eyes and wrinkling his nose (if he's standing, he even has to squat down a little too). And he LOVES to be the center of attention; that just makes him even more smiley, as he was last night when Granny and Papa came through town and took us to eat for my birthday. He was thrilled to be the center of 5 people's attention at once.

He has also started giving real hugs. Rachel was the first recipient a couple weeks ago, now he's progressed to giving them to Mama, Daddy, and Kona as well. I think Annie may also have coaxed one out of him. We haven't managed to capture one digitally yet, but hopefully soon!

I'll add pics to verify his cuteness soon.

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