Sunday, May 30, 2010


Just to verify my last post:

Today we went to OKC First Church again. I took Will in with us initially so Pam and RB could see him. He was smiling and being generally adorable, but also loud and rambunctious, so I wasn't even going to try to get it him to sit through the service and took him back to the nursery. They took him from me and, aside from initial crying (that kept going at least till I was out of earshot), he apparently did quite well for almost the whole service. During the (fakeout) "closing" prayer, our number flashed up on the screen, and I zoomed back to get him. In the nursery they told me all about how he loved someone named Charlie and a man sitting in the nursery told me that Will had the most adorable smile and that he loved how his whole face was involved in the smiling. After a quick nurse in the "cry room," we went back to the service after what I believed to be the final, final prayer. Turns out that one was a fakeout too, and there was still the offering to go. So, Will was loud and boisterous there too. After I returned, the couple sitting behind me commented about how adorable Will's smile was (almost a word-for-word rendition of what the guy in the nursery said). He charmed everyone. And he participated in the singing--quite loudly! He enjoyed making his joyful noise.

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