Monday, November 29, 2010

The Bitter Tears of William Von Yount

We had a really nice set of Thanksgivings this year, first at Granny and Papa Weaver's, then to Uncle Kirby's for Yount Thanksgiving, and then back to Duncan for a mini-extended Weaver Thanksgiving.

Will had a good time at all the Thanksgivings, but he was tuckered out and almost asleep when we got back from our first Duncan trip, and so I thought I would run take a bath and let him skip his for the night. Will realized at some point that I had gone to take a bath, and he cried--bitter, bitter tears of disappointment that I took one without him. He was clearly not angry, but disappointed, in his crying. When I got out, he was petting my hair and pulled on a piece of it, noticing that it was wet, and he whined about it. It was cute, but also sad.