Sunday, May 15, 2011

6 Months Later

Apparently it's been 6 months since I've posted anything! I am afraid that keeping up with Will's blog book is like my email correspondence with friends I never see in person--I get so behind and then I don't email because it's been so long and I have too much to say--it's a vicious cycle.

Will has changed drastically since Christmas--big surprise!

We celebrated his 2 year birthday with a Cars party in the park. He had a great time (and now at the mention of any "party" gets very excited). We got to visit not just with Granny, Papa, Annie and aunts and uncles, but Will also had 3 other little boys who were all born within a month of each other there. Although they weren't really old enough to interact, Will, Corbyn Eccles, Ian Grant, and Max Mulkey all had a fun time playing on the playground around each other, watching Will open presents, and eating strawberries.

We just celebrated and watched Rachel graduate from Harding Charter Prep High School. It's crazy to think she is already this grown up and even harder to believe that she's going to be going away to Eastern Nazarene College in a few months! Will won't know what to do without his visits from Sissy.

Also since I last posted, we accidentally got pregnant right after Christmas, and are expecting another baby boy in September. Daddy is pulling for a shared birthday. The new baby is every bit as active as his brother was and kicks me all the time.

Will just went to a checkup with his pediatric GI dr. and also for his 2-year well-baby checkup (when do they become well-child instead of well-baby? I don't know). The GI dr. is ordering a swallow test for him to see if he's having trouble structurally with eating or swallowing his food (which might explain his not liking to eat food of certain textures and his habit of stuffing and cheeking his food). As she watched Will zoom around her exam room repeatedly, she asked if anyone had ever said anything to me about ADHD, to which I replied, "ummm, I didn't think they diagnosed that till they were quite a bit older" (knowing full well they don't diagnose it until school age). She backed down then saying it was obviously not her specialty, but his energy/activity-level seemed excessive. When I saw Dr. Thompson--his regular pediatrician--a couple days later, I told him what Dr. Steele had said, and he rolled his eyes and said that they most certainly would not presume a child had ADHD at this age and that being a highly active toddler didn't mean anything for future problems.

We did discover that Will is still below the 1% on his weight (22# 1 oz at 25 months) and right at the 1% for height (32 1/4"). We have a referral to see Dr. Domek, the endocrinologist, to rule out any hormonal imbalances that might be keeping him from growing. Dr. Domek is the same doctor who saw Jimmie for his diabetes.

Will is getting cuter all the time. I have been worrying about his lack of speech (he wasn't really trying to put words together much at all), but he has just exploded in the last couple of weeks, and this week he's been trying all sorts of sentences. A couple of nights ago, after Daddy got him out of the bath and they poked their heads back in the bathroom for something, Will said, "I love you." It was distinguishable only by inflection and the number of syllables, but Bil and I both thought he said it. Very cute!

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  1. Welcome back :) I need to post quite a bit as well.
    I totally wouldn't worry about the "excessive energy". He is a 2 year old boy! They have a lot of energy! I hope everything turns out ok with Dr Domek.
    Can't wait to hear his new sentences. Wish we could have been there for Rachel's graduation! It's hard to be so far away.