Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easy Linen Shirt for Will

I bought the Sewing For Boys book just before Soren was born in preparation for having TWO boys. I made the raglan tee for Will at Christmas when I made the boys their snowmen shirts (I used an altered version of the romper pattern for Soren), but that was all that I had gotten around to trying out.

The sewalong at Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh Boy! was just what I needed to get me going through the rest of the book. March's pattern was the Easy Linen Shirt.

First, I stressed about what fabric I'd use--this one calls for linen, so I felt I should use some kind of woven at least, but I didn't know what I had in my gigantic quilting cotton stash that would look good. Then I had an epiphany--the thrift store! I found a nice Abercrombie long-sleeved men's button-down in a very soft brushed cotton. It was perfect. Of course, I had to get several other nice button-downs that would be suitable for upcycling (Will's going to need some new shorts very soon), and one of them provided the contrast collar.

One of the rules of the sewalong is that you have to add your own alteration or embellishment to the garment, so at first I was thinking of adding a big pocket since Will loves pockets. I was going to do a big hoodie-style one and traced out the pattern peice from the Luka Hoodie in SFB, but after I got it all cut out and sewed together, it was huge. I was not envisioning one that extended that far over, so I scrapped the pocket and decided to do a dinosaur applique instead. I heat-n-bonded it to the shirt and then went around the edges with a straight stitch. I didn't take my HnB to the edges or use a zig-zag stitch because I wanted to get the frayed look on the dino.

Aside from my tinkering with pocket, this pattern went together pretty easily. I had a bit of trouble understanding the directions for the collar (I should have looked up what "edge-stitching" meant--there's a handy glossary in the book--but I just guessed, incorrectly), but that was probably my fault. It fits Will just fine, though if he were a normal-sized almost-3-year old, it would be too short. He seems to like it OK and let me try it on him and snap a couple of pics, though he wouldn't stay still enough to get any good ones. This is the best I could do.

Easy Linen Shirt from *Sewing for Boys*

After watching him wear it for a day, I wasn't thrilled with the way the top gaps open, so I decided to add a closure. I found a packet of dinosaur buttons at JoAnns and let Will pick one out. I put a little elastic loop on the other side to go around it. Hopefully the Tyrannosaurus Rex button he picked out doesn't stab him and make it uncomfortable. All in all, this is probably not a shirt I will make again, mostly just because a drafty, but long-sleeved shirt isn't the most practical for our weather.

Easy Linen Shirt from *Sewing for Boys*
This pic includes the button/tog closure.

Easy Linen Shirt--Dino Applique
Dinosaur applique detail.

What Can I Say...

I got just a little bit behind! There's really no catching up on over a year of no posting, so I'll just jump right in where we are today. Will is a couple of weeks from being 3 (on April Seck-un, as he says), and Soren will be 6 months a couple of days after that. Yes, I missed posting on the entirety of my second pregnancy and a new baby's birth--eek! I am not very good about keeping up with the baby books either, so I really need to do this in order to have some kind of a record of all the baby and little kid cuteness before it's gone. As we've already discovered with Will, the cute sayings and mispronunciations only last a little while before they figure it out.

Will is still as full of vim and vigor as ever. He's kind of a crazy man, actually. Last summer we did Gymboree, and the other mothers there confirmed that he was wilder than the average 2-year old. He hasn't slowed down since, but thankfully he plays quite a bit better with other kids. When we did Gymboree, I had to constantly watch him to ensure he didn't maul the other kids, and there were a few times he managed to anyway, and we had to leave early. He seems to be pretty well past that, though, and for the most part sees the other kids as potential playmates. We went to a birthday party yesterday, and he had a great time. The adults were all amazed and commenting at how he just walked in and introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Will!" "How old are you? Are you 3?" "No, I not 3 yet. I will be on my birthday. April Seck-un." He is quite the conversationalist. I have got to do a little interview with him for his birthday.

Will March 2012

Soren just cut his first two (bottom) teeth last week. He's also rolling (both ways) like a pro now. I definitely cannot leave him and expect to find him in the same spot anymore. As Granny Weaver pointed out when he worked his way over to the iron cord in my sewing room (AKA Rachel's room), I am going to have to start thinking about infant-proofing again. In terms of personality, Soren is more easy-going than Will was as a baby. As long as he has someone to pay attention to him, he stays pretty happy, though sometimes he just wants his mama, and NO ONE else will do (and he'll make sure everyone knows how mighty unhappy he is until he gets to me). Apparently Bil & I don't make babies that can sit happily and entertain themselves. Or sleep. Soren does sleep better than Will, but he's still not a great sleeper. He still nurses several times a night, though he doesn't wake me up as much as Will did. Will still wakes up 2-3 times (or just once if we're really lucky), so we all sleep together. Although I I'm still getting woken up frequently, I actually feel more rested than I did when Will was a baby. I don't know if I've just adjusted to constant sleep deprivation or if the sleep situation really is not as bad as it was Will's first year.

march2012 335
What is this??
march2012 334
Oh, food! I like this!!
march2012 333
Contented Baby!

Rachel is at ENC for the second semester of her freshmen year and enjoying herself immensely. Apparently she doesn't miss us quite as much as we miss her since she's decided to stay in Quincy for the summer (ok, ok, she does have a much better paying job and free housing as part of her second job, but still...)! She's also super-excited about going on a course-related trip to Swaziland. We can't wait to hear about the adventures she has there. Will has adjusted to having her gone (he's had kind of a rough last 6 months in terms of major life changes) but definitely misses her and talks about her a lot. He was just saying this weekend that he wants to visit her home in Boston "some-day."

Sissy's Spring Break!

Soren loves his Sissy!