Monday, April 30, 2012

A Belated Happy Easter

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Easter12 104
He's off!

Easter12 114

We went to Granny & Papa's for Easter. Will got to do a couple of Easter egg hunts--a pretty big one in a park in Marlow and then Papa took him fishing and to an egg hunt in Orscherln's. Fun! Then after church on Sunday, they had an egg hunt with probably a 100:1 egg: kid ratio. I am only slightly exaggerating. I finally pulled Will out when his basket was completely running over. He had Easter candy out the wazoo. Only today he discovered that the "Candy Monster" had come and taken much of his remaining candy (sticky candy that the dentist says he can't have anymore). Anyway, we had a nice time in Duncan.

Loving Brothers
Will pulled Soren away from him by the neck of the sweater throughout this photoshoot. You can just feel the love!

The Family (minus Rachel)

Granny & Papa and their boys

The boys wore their Easter outfits that I made. I used this tutorial from Dana for the little sweater vests made from one really big men's sweater. They turned out pretty cute, especially if you only look from a distance. :-) I had some real trouble getting my binding on (I kept missing the sweater edge). I think I should have serged the edge of the sweater before trying to put the binding on. Oh well, live and learn!

Easter12 172
Complete with tons of teething drool, spit-up, and a thread I missed clipping!

I was more in love with the seersucker pants. Soren's were a super basic pattern from KwikSew for Babies (but what do you really need when you're 6 months, but basic?). Will's are the pants (Little Heartbreaker Pants, maybe?) from Sewing for Boys. I actually really liked this pattern. I think for once I can say I didn't screw anything up, and they came out looking pretty stinking adorable. I especially like the adjustable elastic in the waistband. This was my first faux fly, and I really liked it. As I said about the LTPP, I think I need to put these on all his pants/shorts. It makes it look much more professional.

Will's moves
Here's what I got when I asked Will to show me the back of his pants.

Front of the Little Heartbreaker Pants


  1. The clothes turned out great! I found your blog from your comment on Dana's sweate vest tutorial. I'm thinking about trying one also, but I wonder how hard it really is? I like the colors you picked, very cute!

    1. It's not hard exactly, but it did take more time and effort than I'd anticipated. My sweater was bulky, frayed quickly, and was just generally a pain to work with, plus I was trying to get 2 vests from the same sweater, which took some strategic fiddling. And, full disclosure, after the first and subsequent washes, the sweater started escaping from the binding, so they've both been in the repair pile since the 2d or 3d wear. I think a thinner or wool sweater would give better results though.