Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cars Party Redux

When I started thinking about themes for Will's third birthday, I was auditioning Angry Birds and Toy Story. Bil voted for Toy Story, so I started making plans in that direction. Then I mentioned something about it to Will, who informed me that he didn't want Toy Story, he wanted Cars. So, we did Cars. Again. I guess my getting to choose the theme ended at age 2. Hopefully by next year he'll have moved on to something else.

We scheduled his party two weeks after his birthday so Cousins Ella & Aubrey would be able to attend while they were in town briefly. This put the party two days after a big event I'm responsible for planning & running at school, though, so I was pretty stressed out about the party since I didn't have much time to devote to it in the week before. So, we paid someone else to make a Mater cake. It was so nice not to have to worry about it, plus it was much more professional than anything I could have done.

Mater's front

Another view of Mater

My only contribution to the handcrafted Cars theme were these Mater pops. I loosely followed the pictures and tutorial I found here. I have decided food crafting is just not enjoyable to me. It's too fiddly and requires to much patience for each little element.

Mater cake pops

I made Will a special "3" T-shirt for his birthday shirt. Red is his favorite color at the moment, so I used a thrifted red T and the 3 in reverse applique contrast fabric. Originally I had planned to write "three" going vertically alongside the number, but when I sewed it on, I turned the letters so they were facing away from the 3. It looked back. And I didn't/couldn't rip the letters all of, so I thought I'd be clever and just cover it up with a regular appliqued bar on top. I think it would have been fine if I'd made the bar a little thicker, but as it is, it looks a lot like a 1. So it kind of looks like a "13" shirt. Oh well!

In addition to the Mater cake, Will specifically requested a "Gandalf candle." I have no idea what he was envisioning, but there was not a Gandalf candle, figurine, or even sticker to be had in OKC, so I settled on printing him off a picture and attaching it to a candle. He picked this picture of "Gandalf and the bull dragon." I turned out to be too windy to get any of the candles lit anyway....

The Gandalf Candle

Although we got off to a rocky start (we thought we were going to have to move the party because another family had a meet-up at the park--it can't be reserved), everything came off ok, and the party was a success. Will did have a complete meltdown around 6 after we had gone with the Weavers back to the house. His big weekend with his cousins and no nap that day and the party was just more than he could take, poor thing!

Yum yum!

Grayson and his youngest cuz

Will had a diaper emergency toward the end of the party, and took off mid-diaper change, doing a circuit around the play area pantsless and with one shoe missing before he was apprehended. Always the sign of a good party, right?

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