Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little Treasure Pocket Pants

 Utilizing the pockets on the LTPPs

The Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh Boy! sewalong pattern this month is the Little Treasure Pocket Pants. I thought I'd really like to do a pair in natural-colored linen, but I did not want to pay for fabric, especially when I have so much quilting cotton on hand that would work. Then I realized I could probably find plenty of linen at the thrift store in pant form. Off I went, and sure enough, I found the perfect pair of of women's-size capris in 100% linen (so it was better fabric than what I could have found at JoAnn's anyway!).I did purchase a yard of Cars fabric to use as the contrast, to ensure that Will would like the pants.The materials for these pants cost about $6 total, I think, and I have at least 1/2 yard of Cars fabric left. (Not counting the notions which I had on hand already.)

I also discovered partway through sewing these up that I needed some bias tape. I guess this is why you're supposed to read that notions list and the directions BEFORE you start! Anyway, it turned out I had some vintage bias tape in the perfect shade of red, and it wasn't falling apart as was some other old bias tape I tried to use once, so I was able to push on through. Yah!

I love this "Handmade to Cover Me Booty" tag for pants--so cute!

I had no problems understanding the pattern. This was my second faux fly to sew, and I have to say I am loving that look. I know I've seen a tutorial for how to add one to a pants pattern, and I think I'm going to have to find it and do it.

 LTPPs from women's linen 

One thing I did screw up was the hem. When I cut out my main pants peices, I thought I'd be really smart and utilize the hem of the original pants. That would have been a great plan, except for the silly panel that didn't have a hem! Oops. I also had cut off part of the length of the panel (to account for not having to hem it) when I cut it out, so I didn't have enough length to create a hem the same height as on the linen. Double oops. Since I couldn't match it, I decided to hem it in contrasting thread and using a decorative stitch--maybe if it really stands out it will look more purposeful? Anyway, I'm not sure it looks great, but it's not terrible either. And I like the decorative stitching! I need to remember to use my fancy stitches more often. 

Contrast stitch on the contrast fabric hem

I'm pretty happy with the fit. I sewed the 2/3T size. I will say that they seem pretty snug in the rise, which surprised me, since Will is so small. I don't think he'd be ready for the next size up, but I am quite sure when Soren is 3, I will be needing to size up.

All in all, I'd say this one was a success. I definitely might make more of these for the fall. 

LTPPs and raglan birthday shirt

Will's top in these pics is also from the Sewing for Boys book--it's the raglan tee, which i LOVE. I think this is probably my sixth or seventh one! It's his "3" birthday shirt.

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