Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soren: 6 Months

 Soren 6 months

Soren was 6 months on April 4. He didn't get much 1/2 year celebration due to Will's birthday on the second (and just being the second child, poor thing). He's had a big last month, though! He started crawling during Spring Break/Easter weekend and has been slowly working on it. He really started making progress at Granny & Papa's where he has carpet, and I think he'd be a lot faster if he had carpet to practice on. The hard floor is much harder to get traction on if he's wearing clothes and probably painful if he's not... I made him some homemade baby legs with fabric-paint dots on them to give him some traction. They seem to help a bit. His latest accomplishment (just this weekend) is pulling up on the furniture. Will seemed to wait on these physical milestones till he was ready to do them very well, but Soren starts trying as soon as he can possibly do it, and I am afraid it's going to result in many more injuries for Soren. He's much more unsteady than I remember Will being.

Soren stands

He also sprung two teeth in the last month on the bottom front. He had a fussy night or two and then they popped through. Looking back it wasn't that bad, but I know when I was in the throes of NO SLEEP, it seemed pretty awful, and I sure was glad when they came through.

He really is such a fun little guy--always happy unless he's not feeling good, and even then, you can coax a smile from him. His face just lights up anytime someone makes eye contact with him.

Bil & I joke about how different he is from Will at this age. They are just about as opposite as they could be, except for both loving their mama and not wanting to sleep on their own. Soren seems like a much more typical baby in how he enjoys the world around him. Will was just so miserable at this age. Soren loves to play with toys and peek-a-boo,all of that stuff. He LOVES to eat. He must sit at the table with everyone else and eat when the rest of the family does, or he gets mad. Unlike his brother, his is not "meh" about solids at all, but is so excited to eat! It's a refreshing change! He's very adventurous; he will eat the baby food I make him, but he'd much prefer to have whatever we're eating. So far, he's eaten with gusto frittatas, pesto tilapia, tangy salmon, and most recently turnip greens from Papa's garden! He scarfed the greens as fast as I could feed him.

Soren is not the terrible sleeper Will was/is. He doesn't like to sleep by himself when he's at home (seems to do OK at daycare with it), but he does actually sleep. The only problem we have with him is that he seems to be something of a night owl. He likes to take a little cat nap in the early evening when I'm putting Will to bed and consequently doesn't want to go to sleep till the 10-12 range, when we are ready for him to go sleep by 10 at the latest. Left to his own devices, he'll sleep in till 10:30 in the morning! I'm not sure what kind of schedule I'm going to shoot for this summer.

His stats from his well-baby visit: height = 26 inches, weight = 16 lbs, 10 oz, and head = ?? cm. Those numbers put him in about the 93% for height, 15-20% for weight, and 5% for head. His weight curve has continued to drop off (though he has GAINED from 2 months ago), so Dr. Thompson looked him over carefully but said since he looks healthy, is obviously passing milestones and growing in height, we wouldn't worry about his weight. Technically, I think he could be classed as FTT since he's crossed more than 1 major curve line on his weight, but I agree with the doctor that he's doing ok. He got another round of vaccinations at this appointment, but he did VERY well, just cried when he got the stick and then was fine. One of the other nurses was shocked when we came out; she didn't realize there was a well-baby visit going on because of the lack of screaming. He is just such a happy little guy, and I think he's going to have the rest of the family's high pain tolerance, too!

 Grayson and his youngest 

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