Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Third Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2012
(Pay no attention to the giant zit I managed to develop the day before Mother's Day--you'd think I was 13 again!)

I had a nice Mother's Day weekend.

Saturday I attended my first spring commencement ever. Always before I've had a good reason to skip it (like Rachel's graduation, new baby, honeymoon, my own graduation, etc.), but not this year. It was nice to see off my students. But I also had a migraine brewing which was not helped by being stuck directly underneath the tornado sirens when they tested them at noon

After I finished with commencement, we loaded up and headed for Duncan. We went to a fish buffet in Lawton for supper and were shocked at how much Will put away (a moderate amount for most kids, but a gigantic amount for Mr. I Eat Mostly Air). Soren also enjoyed himself and put away his fair share of food! We also had fun digging for potatoes and turnips in Papa's garden.

Picking potatoes--May 12

We went to church with Granny & Papa on Sunday. The boys wore their tie shirts that I made them. I've seen lots of tutorials for making these, and I used the tie pattern from Saltwater Kids. Why reinvent the wheel? The shirt and romper are patterns from Sewing for Boys.

Tie Shirts--Mother's Day 

I discovered that I apparently had not been putting on the raglan shirt collar per the instructions, even though this is probably my 5th or 6th version--I had just been putting it on as I had learned on other shirts. Doing it according to the book doesn't leave an exposed serged seam on the inside (as my way does), but it doesn't look quite as finished on the outside. As per usual, though, I managed to screw up something. The romper directions are for making all the seams on the outside, but I prefer them on the inside. Well, that was all fine till I forgot what I was doing  and  actually followed the directions for putting on the bottom tabs, with the seams on the outside. ARGH. And of course, I had serged them on. I am too lazy to seam rip all that out, so I just decided to live with it. And kick myself for being too lazy to change my thread so that at least my screw up would have blended... Oh well. I still think they turned out pretty cute! I will have to try again for a better picture. This was taken after church, visiting Great-Granny in the nursing home, so not the best of conditions.Will had to be taken outside shortly thereafter. It looks like Bil got some good photo opps with him outside, though.

Will poses

After lunch, we went on a caterpillar hunt. Will's daycare was studying the butterfly lifecycle recently, and I enjoyed watching their caterpillars progress that I wanted to try it at home. Everyone said just to get our own caterpillars instead of ordering them. Granny and I found 3 giant caterpillars that I have yet to identify. Will also captured 3 little tree frogs and various other creepie crawlies, but we let those go. It was a fun excursion!

Happy Baby--Mother's Day 2012

We wrapped up the day back at home, where I got my present, a Silhouette Cameo. Yah! I can't wait to try it out!

****************** Adding more pics of the boys' outfits. ********************

It's so hard to get a decent picture of either boy, but for different reasons!  Will is to the point where he doesn't want his picture taken (even if I'm not asking him to pose), and Soren just can't still and is really hard to set up to get a full-length shot of any kind.

 Mother's Day Ties

Mother's Day Ties

Mother's Day Ties

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