Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Sometimes you just gotta laugh to keep from crying....

This morning I took Will & Soren to get their pictures made (3 years & "6" months) by Tammy. I was worried about taking them both by myself, and it was pretty much the disaster I imagined. Will got his done first; then Tammy tried to get a couple with the boys together. Will did not want anything to do with Soren, so she got them kind of sitting in the same general area but not actually touching or anything. Then, we tried to focus on Soren, but Will was bored and his usual wild self, and rampaged around playing with props and jumping off stools, etc. He started stripping down and wanted to take his diaper off; I said no, but since I couldn't enforce anything with him and deal with Soren (who was fussy) at the same time, he managed to get it off, and then after I put it back on, took it off again, and threw the insides out! Then, Tammy was kindly trying to get him interested in coloring while I nursed Soren. I heard "Uh-oh!" and look up to see a puddle near the coloring book. Yes, my kid peed on the photography studio's carpeted floor. I wanted to die a little. Or a lot. Tammy was, of course, very gracious and said it wasn't the first time (probably not since she photographs newborns, but I bet he's the only 3 year old!) and assured me he wasn't that bad. But, he still got to go spend the session wrap-up in his diaper strapped in his carseat.

Then, since we hadn't had enough fun, I had to go to an appointment at the Apple store to see if they could fix my phone, which died yesterday (on my birthday--the nerve!). We waited in the extremely crowded store only to find that they could not fix it, but I had to buy a replacement for $160. Sadly, I am so addicted to my phone that I was happy to pay it in order to have it back. Soren was really good in the Ergo during all that waiting, but he was very tired and hungry. Will was less good, but thankfully, I kept him pretty well quiet between SweetTart bribes and my iPad.

I wonder if I will miss these days when they are all grown up?

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