Monday, June 11, 2012

The Boys (Er, Girls) Are Back in Town

Jimmie and Rachel and the girls moved back to OK a couple weeks ago, and since Jimmie & Rachel were going to a wedding in KS this weekend, Granny and Papa got to keep the girls in Stillwater. Jana and I took the boys to visit them.Although the last 20 minutes of an otherwise pleasant car ride were marred by Soren's screaming, it was worth it. They had such a good time!

After the kids played an hour or so, we loaded up to get some lunch (can't wait too long when you have little babies to get to nap!) at Eskimo Joe's. Although we had a long wait for a table, Will & Ella had a good time running around the restaurant gift shop. We finally got a table and after another long wait for food, it came and we dug in. While we were waiting, Soren was pretty fussy, so I got out the chicken curry cubes I had packed for him, which had almost completed melting at that point. He scarfed the curry down, and even wanted some of my food when it came. So when I saw him gagging, I thought he was choking on a piece of burger I'd given him. When a little pat on the back didn't relieve him, I got him out of the high chair and swung him over behind me chair and started banging his back in earnest. He spit up a bit, and I thought we had it. Then he gagged again and projectile vomited all over the floor by my chair. And down his shirt and my pants, of course. It was disgusting and embarrassing. And now I know what spit-up versus throw up looks like.

After eating, we went back and the big kids jumped right back into playing. We tried to talk to the kids into watching a movie and napping, but they couldn't stop playing. They played with light sabers, hunted for treasure in the backyard, played sick Will (Ella seeking a doctor for her poor sick son), we made oven s'mores which the kids didn't care for (what's up with these kids who don't like chocolate??) and instead went for Popsicles.

Pretty girl!

Papa cut open his watermelon, and the kids and babies quite enjoyed it! Nothing better than watermelon outside on a hot day!

Beggaring watermelon from Papa

The babies eye the watermelon

Poor Soren couldn't hold his own piece and tried eating out the bowl.
Soren gets some watermelon

Nothing better than watermelon at the end of a hot day

After the watermelon, everyone needed a bath; 4 in a tub was a handful, but also very cute! The boys' clothes were pretty much stickified (and Soren had already used his spare outfit after the lunch incident), so they had to borrow from Miss Aubrey. I thought they made pretty cute girls, especially Will. Aunt Jana gave both Ella and Will pigtails, and they were Wilma 1 and Wilma 2. We then went to Freddy's for supper and a cup of custard for the kids since they needed MORE sugar!

Wilma 1 & 2

Wilma 1

It was a long day, but the kids did really super considering. I think they are going to have a great time playing together now that the girls are back relatively close! 

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