Monday, June 11, 2012

The Virus According to Will

When Will was sick a couple months ago, we were talking about why he was sick, and I told him he had a bug in his tummy that was making him sick. He wanted to see this bug, so I googled for virus images and showed them to him. He picked one out, declaring it his "buggy." This is the one he picked.

On Saturday night, he started complaining that his tummy hurt, so I sat him on the potty and had him try to go. While he was sitting there, he was crying and said, "My buggy's in my tummy again and hurting me. That green buggy with the pokey things--he's poking me in the tummy with his sharp fingers. It huuuuuurts." It was sad and funny and cute all at that same time. I am amazed at this memory and his imagination.

He has complained with the pain intermittently since then, so we're going to get it checked out today. Hopefully it's nothing!

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