Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catching Up in One Massive Post

We've had a busy last couple of weeks....

First, as mentioned previously, we were thrilled to have Sissy back with us for a few days. Everyone misses her so much when she's gone, so it was wonderful to have her home. Unfortunately she seems to have contracted a sickness or parasite while in Swaziland and was sick at a couple of points during her stay. After she left us, she was off to Meet the Parents of her boyfriend in Pittsburgh. Exciting! She said they didn't have any animals, so she didn't think she was going to be able to work in an offer to milk the cat. Too bad!

Goodbye, Sissy
Will was very cuddly that night! He loves his sister and misses her terribly. 

 Goodbye, Sissy

The day before we said good-bye to Rachel, we went to "big" Cousin Camp at the lake. Originally Rachel planned to go with us, but she was sick again and ended up staying home. We missed her! Although we went down Friday night, we didn't get to the water till late Saturday afternoon. All the water toys (even Old Faithful Pontoon Boat) are broken down, so we just took the kids down for a swim. Will got to try out his new Lightening McQueen lifejacket, and Soren got to go in as well. Soren, having missed his morning nap, started getting fussy after about 15 minutes in the water, so I took him back to the house. Jerry had insisted we go to the dock instead of Sandy Beach, leaving me with quite the hike back carrying a baby and a big bag of gear (they had taken the electric cart that dropped us off back to the house to charge). When I was on the street that the cabin is on, Uncle Richard came tooleing down the road on the cart and took me back to the house. I assumed that he was going to check on the folks in the water and that's why he was going out in the cart in the first place. I went on up to the house and showered and put Soren to bed. About an hour and a half later, the rest of the water folks come back (Will had stayed with Jana and the rest). Apparently that was how long it took for anyone to show up on the cart. I never did find out where Richard went after he dropped me off! I would have said something to him about picking them up if I'd known he wasn't on the way to do so....

Cousin Camp 2012

Cousin Camp 2012

Cousin Camp 2012

Anyway, we had a fine time at Cousin Camp. Will and Ella got into a number of squabbles, but nothing serious. Will continues to not like babies and has to be watched like a hawk since there are many of them around just now, with the twins being the same age as Soren. And we were even missing several since Chris & Bryan's families didn't make it. Somebody figured it up, and we already have more grandkids in the new generation than in my generation, and I'm not sure if any of us are officially finished having kids!

Cousin Camp 2012
Comparing Soren & his 3-week-younger cousin.

Cousin Camp 2012

Cousin Camp 2012

After Cousin Camp, we had a couple of free days at home, which we used to visit the Science Museum and go to the zoo with Max and Kale. We enjoyed hanging out with other people for a change!

Then, Wednesday afternoon Granny & Papa picked me, the boys, and Aunt Jana up and we drove through the night to Georgia for Granny & Papa Smith's 69th Anniversary celebration. The trip went much better than I feared. Although I definitely ended up crouched and nursing Soren in his carseat after every overnight-stop and some in between times, he was a monumentally better traveler than Will was at the same age (he's almost exactly the age Will was the first time we took him to Georgia--we are still traumatized from that one).

69 Years Together

Great-Grandpa and the boys

I see trouble!

Will and Soren did great at Granny and Papa Smith's, and I think they really enjoyed having them around. They thought Will was a wild man, though I didn't think he was nearly as crazy as he often is. Soren was adorable, and quite the hit with his knee-bouncing thing he does. He also really practiced on his walking while he was there. His new record is 9 steps, which he achieved while walking after Jana to get ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, Will figured out how susceptible to kid-beggaring Aunt Marie is and managed to get lots of helpings of ice cream from her in the relatively short time we spent at her house. She was worried about how little he ate and wanted to feed him something.

It was good to see all the Smith side of the family, and I'm really glad that Granny and Papa got to spend so much time with the boys. Both of them seemed to be feeling pretty good (all things considered) and in good spirits. Grandpa was complaining to Granny about not being able to be "sociable," but he really seemed quite a bit better than the last time we were there.

Great-Granny and her boys

Playing with Papa's O2

GA2012 114

Will managed to give himself several new owies while he was there, so he looks nice in these pictures! Also, on Wednesday, as I was running around doing last-minute errands, I took him by the Anthony David's beauty college to get him a quick trim, since I knew everyone would complain about his bangs being in his eyes. Well, it was a disaster. Despite my repeating over and over not to go short, the guy cut his bangs super-short and not even straight! I should have taken him and run when he started sectioning his hair. He spent 15 minutes just "prepping" Will, so by the time he actually got out scissors and started trimming, Will was done, done, done, as was Soren, so I couldn't really do anything to help hold Will still. It was just a terrible disaster. I am hoping to get someone to clean it up a bit soon. Jana says he looks like a combination of the main characters in Dumb & Dumber, who have two, differently bad haircuts. *sigh* I just laughed and laughed every time I looked at him for the first few days.

Cuddling with Great Granny

Four generations

Grands and Great-Grands

Proud grandparents!

Monday afternoon, we left GA and drove to Nashville to visit with Alisha since she couldn't make it down to Granny & Papa's. We had a great time with her, though she was not feeling well due to a head injury she had gotten the week before, poor thing! She was still a great hostess and took the boys to the park and swimming in her neighborhood pool. Will had another near-drowning incident when he bolted back to the pool and jumped in when we were already drying off and gathering our stuff to go. Even though he was in the shallow end, he sank immediately. I am not sure what to do about his fearlessness and lack of swimming skills except to keep him in a life-jacket and 1:1 supervision at all times.

Alisha even kept the boys for us while me, Jana, and Granny & Papa went to watch a live broadcast of the Dave Ramsey Show. I was a little skeptical, but it turned out to be pretty cool. It turns out Granny went to Trevecca with siblings of some of the cafe staff. It is a small world!

We left Nashville around 7 p.m. Tuesday and arrived back at our house a little after 6 a.m. It was a long night for me, as between Will and Soren, I only managed to get an hour of sleep here and there during the drive--lots of crouched nursing for Soren and pats for Will. So today we are back and very happy to be home!

Our busy summer is going to keep up, though, as this weekend is the World's Largest Garage Sale in Duncan, so we're all going down there Thursday night for some Friday garage saleing and then next weekend is our "little" Cousin Camp with just the Jim III Weavers.  I'll bet Granny and Papa will be ready for a break from us anytime now!

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