Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dedication or Exorcism......

We had the boys dedicated on July 1 at Duncan. Let's just say now I know why these are typically done in infancy. Soren did fine, but Will was less than cooperative. He didn't scream or cry, so at least he was quiet, I guess. Instead he just flipped and flopped, kicked, made faces, etc. the entire time. I was so relieved when it was over. And I was very glad Bil was holding him and not me. I joked on Facebook that the congregation probably thought we needed an exorcism more than a dedication....several people from the church "liked" that status--ha!

We were lucky we got to have all of my family and Annie there to stand with us, and we were very thankful that Granny & Papa agreed on short notice to have us all over for lunch and put us up for the weekend.

dedication 007
I'm still trying to talk him into being still here. Bribery failed.

dedication 008
I believe the pastor had just said something about the joys of parenting here.

dedication 012
Soren was so nice and patient!

dedication 014
And Will was utterly bored.

Afterward, the kids had a great time playing together, though Will still wasn't feeling himself. They picked veggies from Papa's garden and helped shuck corn, played with their new water guns and ran in the sprinkler. A great summer Sunday!

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