Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Steps?

Soren has just been flying through his large motor milestones. I believe he took his first step last night (I saw it happen out of the corner of my eye), but it ended in tears, as he took the step and immediately fell. He's so funny because he's such a tough little guy, just like Will was, but he'll cry and yell when he falls over and want someone to come pick him up and give him love.

He had a rough weekend. We had the boys dedicated at Heritage Oaks in Duncan on Sunday (a whole 'nother post to come on that when I get the pictures uploaded), and I lost count of the number of head knocks he got over Saturday and Sunday. The worst was when he fell backwards from a freestand onto the concrete porch. His poor little head has a couple of nasty blood bruises from that. He is starting to acquire that constantly bruised look on his face that Will had for about 6 months. I don't remember Will's starting quite this young, though!

I thought time passed quickly with Will, but it really flies by with the second one! It's hard to believe it was a whole year ago that I was miserably pregnant with Soren in the never-ending 100+-degree summer.

This summer is definitely better except that we don't have Rachel around. She is currently home for a few days, and Will (and the rest of us) are loving having her back. Soren just looks and looks at her with a round, open mouth when she comes over and is excited to see her--it's very cute! I'm sad that he's not going to grow up with her around in the way she was with Will, but it can't be helped with such a big age spread, I suppose. Editing on July 4 to say Soren is definitely trying to walk. He took two tottering steps toward me last night, one day shy of 9 months! I am a little terrified that I will have two walking boys in just a couple weeks!

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