Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Growing like a ....

weed? Well, even the weeds aren't growing so well here the last couple of years, but Soren is growing like crazy. He had his 9 month well-baby check up last week, and he measured in at 30.25" and 20 lb, 4 oz. His head circumference is 44 cm. That puts him roughly around the 95% for height, between 25-50 for weight, and 10-25% for head size. Apparently I make small-headed boys--just the opposite of Jimmie and Rachel, it seems.

Soren is not just walking, he's now walking quickly and he can carry stuff, like Will's pool-noodle light sabers, while he's walking. It's pretty amazing. He sure is cute!

This was my last craft-fix before Cousin Camp on Friday. I tested a new one-size diaper pattern that is to be released soon. It was a quick sew and fit Soren pretty well. Think he might need to move to the biggest setting.

testerOSCT 016

testerOSCT 015
"Really, mom??" Love that expression!

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