Thursday, July 19, 2012

Made Beach Robe: Review

Before we went to Cousin Camp, where Will would be swimming, I was determined to try out Dana's Beach Robe Pattern, which I had bought waaaaay back before Christmas (I think there was a sale that enticed me). All the pics were so cute, and it was promised to be a quick sew in the instructions. Here's a little review of the project. 

Made Beach Robe

Pattern: This pattern itself was very easy to put together--it only had 4 pieces, but I liked the way that the PDF assembled. It was more intuitive than some PDF-print-and-assemble patterns are. I got this one cut out pretty quickly, but Dana's telling the truth when she says to get more than one towel. I was using a real beach towel, but I still had just baaaarely enough fabric to get all my pieces and ended up having to go with the short-sleeved option, though I hadn't planned to. I also went with the two side-ties instead of one long tie. I added a couple extra inches to the ties  just because I had a bit of towel left there, but I really wish I hadn't because they are too long now. Cutting this out of fabric took minimal time--maybe 15 to 20 minutes, which included fending off Soren.

Sewing: The robe went together very quickly, except for the bias binding, which I pin a lot so it takes me a while to get on. The directions were very clear and easy to follow; this project would be perfect for a beginner (especially if you're using premade binding). I used my serger and my sewing machine since I figured Will would be pretty rough on it. I had many, many child-related interruptions and had to keep coming back to this over the course of the day, but it could easily be completed in 2 hours if I were child-free and the binding was pre-made.

Alterations: I added a hood lining, which I remember reading about somewhere when I first bought the pattern. Doing so hides that neck seam that is ugly and might be a bit uncomfortable (if you're not going to add the binding across the neck. It also let me add another little pop of color. If I were doing the long sleeves, I think I'd also line the bottom so they could be cuffed with a cute inner fabric showing.

Made Beach Robe

I realize that the binding doesn't match at all, but 1) Will's favorite color is red, so he wanted this and 2) I had the perfect sized binding left over from the Emmeline apron in just the right length. I was able to use all but a few inches of my leftover binding and not have to make/buy any new.  I am happy to sacrifice a bit of coordination for that, especially since this was kind of a trial run.

Overall: I have to join all the other reviewers out there in saying this would make a great, easy gift. I definitely see more of these in my future!

Will wouldn't cooperate in standing in the light for me, so this is the best action-shot I managed:
Made Beach Robe

He wanted me to take pictures of his mean face instead.
Crazy Boy with Bad Haircut
He's really looking rough with that scrape and the terrible haircut. Gotta get that boy some help!

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