Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Georgia Family Pics

Just cause he's so cute:
He's a cutie!

Taking a bite of Aunt Jana's nose:
Biting Aunt Jan'as nose

Granny thought Will cuddling with her because he knew we were leaving that day. I'm pretty sure it had more to do with the low fever that was back (again--is he ever going to kick whatever he has???):
Cuddling with Great Granny

Jana wanted to introduce the boys to one of our favorite pastimes when we were kids at Granny & Papa's: the leaf-cart. They both seemed to enjoy it!

Photographic proof that Will can be gentle with his brother!
Leaf Cart Rides: The next generations

Happy brothers:
Look, Will can be nice!

My boys

Acting sweet for the camera:
Kissing Aunt Jana

Will kept begging to play "orangutang"
Monkey Boy

Rough love:
Rough love

Plastic containers aren't just fun for babies:
Plastics are fun for everyone

Oddly, Soren looks like both mine and Rachel's baby pictures here:
Soren smiles

 Howard contemplates life:

Jana hogs the couch:

Injury and a terrible haircut; it's a good thing he's cute!
Will's new owie

Vanessa ponders her future:
Vanessa gets a taste of what's to come

Ty tolerated Will the first day, but he had had enough of his 3-year-old wildness by Day 2.
Will and Ty

Aunt Marie and her little cutie, Trevor:
Granny Ree and Trevor

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