Monday, July 23, 2012

Some Will Funnies

Will has been a bit of a ....trial .... lately. I think I need to write up some of his cuteness to help me appreciate it. When he's not driving me absolutely crazy, he's pretty hilarious and still a sweetie.

Right now he's sitting cuddled in my lap watching some cartoon Netflix recommended to him. He gets on my iPad and finds all kinds of new shows and movies to watch.  We never really watch commercial TV live except at other people's houses, which I love because we avoid the advertising (I had no idea how insane the advertising on kids' shows is till I had a kid!); however, Will totally doesn't understand live TV and how you have to wait for it and not being able to instantly call back an episode once it's over, etc. Pretty funny.

When we were garage saling last week, I picked up a leather purse to cut up and make some sandals for Soren using this tutorial I pinned a long time ago.  When we got home and unpacked it, though, Will took off with it, and he's been carrying it around ever since. It's got a medium length strap on it, and he wears it looped over his neck like a messenger bag. It's pretty cute. I asked him if it that was his man bag, and he said, "No, mom. It's not a man bag, it's my lady purse!" He also calls it his pouch, but he keeps correcting himself that a pouch is on your tummy (I guess because of kangaroos?).


So the other night he comes in, puts his lady purse on, says, "Bye, I'm off to college." I asked him what college he was going to, and he pointed at the couch. When I specified I meant the name of the college, he announced that it was Finn-E.E.-En-nie. He said it again the next morning and even remembered his made-up name and everything! Having written it out, I wonder if that's what he hears when we say ENC?


Bil was watching Eureka, and I asked Will if he could say eureka.
Will: AH-reka!
Me: No, YUR-eka!
Will: I'M-areka!
Me: No, YUR-eka.
Will, frustrated: Who is Areka?


He's not allowed to say "butt." The other day in conversation, he noticed someone say the conjunction "but" and pointed out that it wasn't a nice word. I started to try to explain, but then I realized I had no idea how to make grammar make sense to someone who can't read. 


Soren is officially bipedal. He can walk across the living room without falling now. He still will crawl if he wants to go fast, but he's seriously enjoying his new skill and practices it pretty much every chance he gets. He looks just like Big Baby from Toy Story III when he walks. He gets cuter and cuter every day. About every other week I tell Bil, "I just don't think he could get any cuter. I think he's reached his pinnacle." But since I keep saying it, I guess he hasn't peaked yet. :-)


I can't believe it's the end of July and our summer is almost over. It feels like it's flown by even faster than usual, especially July since we've been gone so much. Getting back into the school routine is going to be an adjustment for us all! Maybe remembering it's almost over, and I need to savor it will help me get through Will's more difficult times.

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