Friday, July 27, 2012

Tumeric Dyeing

At the end of June, I decided to try my hand at dyeing with tumeric, which I had seen mentioned at Elegance & Elephants. It sounded like a fun science experiment/craft project, and I needed a yellow-orange something to go with Soren's little Suspender Shorts. They are so cute, but they haven't gotten any love since I didn't have a shirt for him to wear under them.

I looked around at a few sets of instructions for how to do the dyeing and didn't seem to get real consistent directions for how to set the dye anywhere. So, I just jumped in and tried a couple different things.

I got my tumeric water hot, threw in some old prefolds and a white onesie, and enlisted Will to come help me stir.

Please excuse the crappy iPhone pictures and my messy kitchen. Also, learn from my mistake and be sure to wear gloves if you do this. My fingernails were a disgusting yellow for about a week after.

Tumeric dyeing

Tumeric dyeing

Some directions said to set the dye with sunlight. So i hung them out on the line. I checked at the end of the day and they seemed really faded, so I threw them back in the tumeric water (I had just put the lid on it and left it just in case....) and let them soak another couple hours. This time I threw them in the washer with some vinegar. It seems to have worked.

Here's Soren wearing the onesie with the suspender shorts at Granny & Papa's anniversary party.

Soren smiles

The color is not quite as orangey as the buttons, but I think it looks OK.

After a couple washes, I do think the color is losing some of its vibrancy, but it's still far from pale, and this made a fun little project to dye using supplies I already had on hand.

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